Dec 2008

Please Yourself!

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This is something kamagra ajanta that leaps to my mind after reading a cytotec buy amoxil buy propecia online pharmacy order target=”_blank”>post by Mimi and also after thinking about why I started to blog again after a hiatus of 2 years. For those Order Generic Levitra Online without Prescription who are unaware, I used to keep a blog in Xanga. Those of you who are interested to see how purchase cialis cheap I wrote when I was 20 to 23 years old, come here.

You know you can’t please everyone so just please yourself.



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  1. Yeah.. *heads to Mimi’s site to read what she posted* hahas.


  2. Reading Mimi’s post made me think back to my old bad graphics masquerading as personal site. At that time my layouts were definitely about me, yet I know at the same time I was trying to please others with it. Moving away from celebrity images changed that instantly. I think working initially on what you like and then bringing others into the equation is a good way to look at it.


  3. Hmmmm… I can’t seem to comment on her site because of the silly captcha thing that I can’t even see the image for… *sigh* silly things these days!! Lol j/k

    I think one shouldn’t allow criticism to break your spirit… if you read the comments with an attitude that they’re trying to help you, one won’t feel so offended. Since we’re in an online world, it’s pretty easy to mistaken the tone and words that are jumping off the screen as an attack on your own personal blog experience and skills.

    I now regularly leave feedback on any blogs that I visit if it affects my experience with their website. For example, if they have a blasting background like striped black and white pattern that restricts my view of reading their blog, I will let them know that and always goes “it’s just my suggestion and you don’t have to take it”. I ALWAYS leave a comment if a blog has the font size of 7pt/10px because it’s simply so silly to have a font size that small and asking readers to go blind just from reading your website.

    I always believe that you should totally please yourself first on your own designs and website before others… I’m always content with my own layouts because they’re my own… and whether or not I choose to listen to others is my own prerogative.

    To have a public blogsite that allows public comments openly invites others to comment on your site whether it’s good or bad. To help your site get better, than perhaps you should only accept comments from bloggers you trust who has great intentions, who are well versed in their skills and knowledge of coding who can help you get your site to perfection. When one see’s their own work, they may not necessarily see all the errors openly because in our own eyes it’s a great masterpiece already… having another set of eyes allows you to be able to notice things that you weren’t able to see to before. Of course, this is all my own suggestions hahaha


  4. This website is so cute! I definitely enjoy the dynamics of gf and bf blogging on the same domain. Very unique :)


  5. I used to xanga too! But the way I wrote is way too embarrassing for me to share the link with you :P


  6. But what if pleasing others pleases you? D:

    I don’t think you can have goodies available for visitors on your site just to please yourself. I won’t say someone can’t please themselves — in fact, they should go for that first and foremost. But when you start catering to others, it can’t be all about you anymore.


  7. LOL Amen to that! I think people took my blog post much too seriously, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. :P Anywho, I am off to go read your old Xanga! *woosh*


  8. Pleasing yourself becomes boring after a while and the need to please someone else needs some time to develop. In this case you can get stuck in between.

    Minney Everton


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