Nov 2008

Portfolio site revamp and re-focus

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Several events and incidents over the last few days made me wonder…

“Am I really on the right track in my freelance career?”

I dabble in web design/development. A successful website needs 3 key specialisations for it to be built (4 if the back-end is counted in). They are: Design, Front-end Development, SEO (+ back-end development for cms/portals etc).

Design of a website governs the look and feel of the site. A web designer spends time researching on the latest design trends, best practices for content presentation and ways to be unique from the website’s competitors.

Front end development cialis prix mainly focus on “Making the website work.” A design, no matter how nicely done up, is still a static piece of art/screenshot. A front-end developer’s job is to break it down into small parts, and re-build it into a functional website/web-application that is uniform over a big range of browsers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the next key component for a website. This buy amoxil is the specialisation which deals on the marketing part of the website/web application. Keywords, site description, site content and marketing strategies are the forte of an SEO expert.

Lastly is the back-end development. A back-end developer is often mistaken together with a front-end developer. Back-end usually means server end development, which comprises things like database management, client to server scripts etc.

So where do I stand? If I am to put my skills and talents in the 4 listed above it will be something kamagra fast like this (with 1 being the least and 10 equivalent to having the most skill)

Web design : 5 / 10
Front-End Development : 7.5 / 10
SEO : 4 / 10
Back-End Development : 5 / 10

And what do I really like in all these 4 specialisations? I prefer working with code rather than layouting in Photoshop/Fireworks/Illustrator. I like to make designs come alive rather than creating them. Although I like making buy propecia without a prescription neat web 2.0 styled layouts, icons and graphics… I get more satisfaction when I script order cytotec online out a game using Flash. I can sit straight for 10hrs+ in one sitting just to solve an IE Ajax bug rather than sit 2hrs+ just to do a graphic re-positioning. I feel more at ease looking at functions and classes rather than the color wheel.

“I think of how a website should function first before I think of how it looks like.”

Guess Buy Levitra the above really concludes what I should pursue as a freelancer. Time to rethink my portfolio site haha.



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  1. I admire the way you consciously thought the issue out. Good luck following your dreams! I know that sounds corny, but I mean it :P


  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Kaylee. :3


  3. u r blog Is very nice


  4. You jest. Who designed rin-wendy? I’m sure it doesn’t deserve a meager 5/10. I’m not trying to pull your leg. I really do appreciate the thoughtfulness of the design.

    “I think of how a website should function first before I think of how it looks like.”

    — and you should. I’m sure you know how many web designers have trouble planning the site because they designed it before they had any idea what it’s going to be for.

    I’d kill to be you.

    Except I don’t think I’d make a good husband for wendy. Nope, that is just plain weird…



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