Nov 2008

Random Ranting: On Public Transport and Toilets

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Today, while I was taking the MRT (for those of you who are not in Singapore, MRT stands for Mass Rapid Transit. It is similar to subway trains except that MRT isn’t always limited to just running underground.) I got this idea to write about things that irritate me while I am using the public facilities. I can only think of public transport and public toilets for now, I will add more when I can think of them.

When I am using the public transport, I can’t stand:

  • strong perfume. The kind you can smell 10km away. A whiff of it is enough to make me get a headache and feel nauseous for the rest of the trip. To make things worse, the train is an enclosed space so it is hard buy cialis generic for the smell to escape.
  • a person who take up more than one seating space. I have seen someone sitting in the middle of two seats. Worse are those who plopped down on a seat and proceeded to give the next one or two seating space to their grocery/shopping bags. Those are not alive, so they can jolly well sit on the floor.
  • people kamagra on line who rushed in while it is clear there are passengers who would like to get out. Impatience and kiasuism is a lifestyle here, in case you are not aware. Shoving and pushing to get the best seat (my favorite is those right next to the door) are also expected to happen, especially during peak hours (anytime from 7am to 9am and 5pm to 7pm).
  • people who rushed in, saw that there is no more seat and decided to stick around the entrance area so that they can be the first one to rush out when they reach their destination. So this causes the inexplicable syndrome of “entrance area crowded, rear empty” in almost every train here.
  • people who take advantage of the close proximity of the girls around them when the train is very full and think it is a good opportunity to enjoy a caress of the girls’ breast or butt during the trip. Those sneaky perverts. I have personally kicked one and pinched a roving hand before. So better stay cytotec induce miscarriage clear off me in public transport.
  • people who will pretend to doze off or start reading their newspaper/magazine/book the moment they spy someone who is more in need of their seat. I have seen a guy with broken leg before, holding on to a crutch and trying his hardest not to fall when the train jerked during emerency stop. The people who are sitting down in front of him never even as much as glanced at him throughout the trip.

When I am using a public toilet, I can’t stand:

  • people squatting on the toilet seat. Needless to say, the toilet seat is ruined after that.
  • people who are blind enough to not notice that there is a special bin for sanitary pads. Not everything can go into the toilet bowl.
  • people who wet the floor and make it yucky for the next visitors because of err, inability to aim properly. Enough said.
  • stingy proprietor who can’t even provide a roll of toilet paper for visitors propecia purchase to use. Don’t assume there is one in every toilet that you visit.
  • teenage girls (I usually call them Generic Levitra Super Active+ Online Pharmacy XMM, short for xiao mei mei which is chinese for young girls) who can spend hours hogging the mirror in the toilet to examine their pimples and to camwhore themselves with their friends via the mirror reflection. After that, more time will be spent in front of the mirror to discuss how they looked inside the picture, combing and reapplying their make-ups before striking poses and taking pictures again. Don’t they have a mirror at home?

I don’t like public toilets much. So I try to avoid it as much as possible. Same goes with the public transport, but I have no choice in this because buy vardenafil I have yet to own a car in Singapore.

On another hand, I would like to thank Aisling from for featuring this site in her fabulous blog. It is an honor to be listed there :)



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  1. “entrance area crowded, rear empty”
    I see this all the time on the buses in my city (Ottawa, Canada). Nothing on public transport really annoys me, though, people here are quite nice in my experiences.

    As for your rants on public toilets — I didn’t think girls would have aim problems :P


  2. @Kaylee: Believe it or not, girls do have aim problems as well…as evident by how dirty the toilet seats are…


  3. Haha, I’ve never knew that the people in Sg were that bad (yes, I’m biased and to me, LRT passengers in KL are far worse) but I remembered once that my cousin from the US complained that people do no use deodorant here (we were in the MRT then). XD

    I can’t stand girls who hog the mirrors too… @__@ But I don’t see it happening too often.


  4. I try to avoid public toilets at all cost. I’ve had too many run ins with piss strained seats and little floating surprises that I remember to use the restroom at home before I go out or I suffer and wait until I come across a sanitized restroom.


  5. The Entrance/Rear thing is something you will always find in the Tube. Good in a sense that I can always enjoy the roominess in the middle.

    Toilets argh, I can’t stand public toilet … I can’t think of it.


  6. Singapore isn’t way better than Malaysia :) in fact, it is ranked lower than other developed Asian countries when it comes to Reader’s Digest courtesy test. I forgot which year was it published but then in Singapore there is a 50% chance of the door slamming in your face because the previous person didn’t hold the door for you.

    When it comes to MRT trains, it’s the same thing. People simply refuse to move to the center of the train. They would rather play happily squashed sardines near the exits because (1) they are lazy to move through the crowd if they stood in the middle of the carriage and (2) they can make a quick dash out of the train. Geez.

    What even irks me more are the infamous ‘pole-dancers’. People who lean their entire body against a pole such that people around the pole have no choice but to hang on to other things for their dear lives as the train accelerates and decelerates. Very inconsiderate people.

    Not to mention people of a particular nationality that speaks very loud on trains and on phones in public transport. The whole world hears their conversation and they are either oblivious to it or couldn’t care much. And another group of people from a particular country who loves to overdose on perfumes that stink more than they smell pleasantly… that’s why I dislike going downtown on weekends, heh!



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