Dec 2008

Reality check…

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Had dinner with my folks over at a local coffeeshop just now. Dad and mum asked me about my work, whether I managed to make enough to survive. I replied, “Yeah, now is at least much better as compared to 2-3 months kamagra gold back. At least I am seeing it improve and I do have more gigs coming.”

Then I listened to my dad and mum’s discussion about their business. My dad, buy amoxil no prescription besides working in MLM, is still doing his tea business. He is a wholesaler of tea leaves. A client of his is having some financial problems and thus affected his business. We might see little to no sales this few months…. We are feeling the pressure from the recession, even though it is still in the starting phrase.

This afternoon over lunch with Aaron we also discussed about the same problem. Recession has made everyone tighten their pockets. Companies are restructuring their marketing strategies and campaigns, thus for us freelancers who do our living on the web, are affected by the cytotec tab sudden withdrawal of clients and projects. Generic Levitra Online Pharmacy Over the course of the 4 months of my full-time freelance. I had many potential clients who pulled out in the last minute, many cheapest cialis due to the change in their company’s marketing strategy due to budget constraints.

I am feeling the pitch too, and over the course of these few months I have been thinking whether this is really a good time for me to start up as a full time freelancer as opposed to having a stable 9-5 job. Well, now even the 9-5 is no longer stable anymore, we can see alot of companies laying off employees as to keep their company afloat.

Should I be happy that I am not the one that is facing the axe or should I not? It does not really look good over at the freelance world now too, with lower projects going around and propecia brand more competition from the talents who lost their day job.




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  1. Good theme!Great work!


  2. Just hang in there, hopefully the recession won’t last too long. It’s unfortunate that you’re really starting out at a bad economic time :(


  3. It could really work both ways. At this time, lots of other things could cost you less when you’re starting up. I don’t know if you’ll need shop/office space but let’s say if you do rent something now you’ll probably be able to sign a 2 yr lease on low rental which will benefit you in the future even when things pick up. But this also means you have to work harder for more business to come in. It does depend on what your commodity/service is. :) All the best!



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