Apr 2009

Service quality of your telco/ISP?

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I am a long time subscriber of the services from Starhub. I have cable vision, Maxonline (their cable broadband internet services), Maxmobile (broadband on the go) and mobile phone services. Services were good in the PAST, unfortunately. The service standards now deteriorate so much that I intend kamagra review href=”http://onlinecialischeap.com”>cialis online online pharmacy to switch providers of all my services once they are finished with their contract.

I shifted house in February. As usual to shift all my mobile and broadband services I called up Starhub to request for a change of address.


Customer service officer: Hi, I noticed that you have other services with us. Would you like to change the addresses of these services to the new address?

Me: Yes, please do.


Good, they are making the effort to help me. I do appreciate it. Then came February’s bills. To my shock I noticed that I did not enjoy the 50% discount off billing for my maxmobile. It is stated that maxmobile will be of half price if I am a subscriber of Maxonline. Upon further enquiry in March I get this…


Customer service officer: The reason why the 50% discount is not valid is because, your billing address for both internet services are different.

Me: Huh? (Didn’t I request to change it previously?) I believe that there is a discreptancy in the bills. As March’s bill for Maxmobile, although the address is still the old one. It has reflected that I still have the 50% discount.

Customer service officer: Let me check. Sorry the billing department is closed for the day. I’ll help you send an enquiry on this and get back to you. Sorry for the inconvience.


I waited a few days, no calls from them. I called them again a few days later…


Customer service officer: I’ll check with my manager to see if we can change the bill to reflect the 50% discount. I’ll call back by 5pm.


She called back the next day.


Customer service officer: Sorry to call late. My manager has said that the bill will be as is. It is due to the billing address which is not changed and we cannot give you the discount.


Yeah, and now it is my fault Generic Levitra Professional Online Pharmacy | Buy Levitra Professional | Cheap Levitra Professional | Order Generic Levitra Professional Online without Prescription that I did not change the address. I told her that I want to speak to the manager, she said the manager is busy on the line now and will call back in an hour. I told her that I will generic amoxil not change or pay anything cytotec buy online should this matter not be resolved.

A week passed, no calls. In April 3rd, my starhub services got suspended. I called in this morning. After talking to the customer service officer, he said will unsuspend all my accounts.


Customer buy 5 mg propecia online service officer: You will have to pay the bills. OUT OF GOODWILL I will wavier your subscription for April, which will pay back what you paid extra for the month of February.


Out of goodwill…. I really “LOL” when I heard that. Seems like every fault they make they try to cover it up and shift the blame to the customer. And the best is yet to come.


Customer service officer: From your account I see that the previous CSO has stated that the manager will be calling you. Since this is resolved will you like me to cancel this request?

Me: Sorry I will still like the manager to call me. I need to speak to him/her.


I am still waiting for the call…
Time to make the jump. Hello red umbrella.



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  1. I got the same bad service from Malaysia ISP – Tmnet. :(


  2. I live in the U.S., but it must be a requirement for ISPs to make all transactions and services difficult. i use Comcast here and not only am I plagued by outages, but when you call for any service count on the call taking hours.


  3. Oh mans, sorry to hear about your bad experience with Starhub. When my friend wanted to cancel her roaming plan with Starhub (which charges her $10 per month), the customer service officer on the other line refuses to cancel the plan because they need her father (the line owner, she was using a subline) to do so. Her mom even tried calling, the same customer offier rejected her request and told her that they need the dad. The problem is that the dad is overseas and won’t be back for months, and they need a verbal confirmation from him and they refuse to budge. Now it appears to be that Starhub is just a money-thirsty corporation because there’s no way my friend could avoid the monthly $10 payment until her dad returns.

    So what we did was to make me call, and I claim to be her father to cancel the plan. This might get me into legal trouble, but Starhub should review their policies at the first place. It’s really absurd that they have such a ‘policy’, to quote them. Now she has her roaming plan cancelled and is happily paying $10 less to Starhub. Good riddance!

    In Malaysia, we have one of the slowest internet connection in Asia (ranked #81 out of a hundred plus nations). We ranked even lower than other developing countries whose GDP per capita are lower than us. I have no idea why is this happening – I checked my speed yesterday and it registered a measly 0.86kbps for donwload and 0.67kbps for upload. A ping to a Singapore server took 300ms. Wow, I’m “impressed”. And we pay a considerable about for broadband, and now it looks more like a dialup haha.

    Telcos are big ass companies that will do anything to extract the most out of their customers will desperately trying to reduce their cost of operation to maximise profit. Nevermind, I believe in something call karma :D


  4. i am also waiting for my contract to end and changing my service provider to singtel. i can understand the pain u went through with starhub. Imagine i have to call almost every month just to get them to reinstate my line OUT OF GOODWILL as well, even after i made my payment… and even after they realised that they have made a mistake. when i asked their manager to call me, no news! good luck to you. brace yourself for more pain to come…



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