Feb 2009

Shift house!

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Still in the midst of shifting…. although I have set up my computer and establish my internet access over at the new place. My family have an overwhelming amount of stuff to order cheap cytotec shift over. The 60 boxes the movers gave us buy augmentin were barely enough for us… with me taking up 18 boxes on my own.

It has been a very hectic week. I was rushing through all my freelance gigs even till the day before the movers came. With just a day left to pack up my belongings, I decided to forgo my sleep time. Now I look even more like a panda, sighz.

discount propecia alt=”My Room 01″ />
My Room 02
My Room 03
cialis online generic alt=”My Room 04″ />

Sad Cheap Levitra to say, not everything was shifted in the first 2 trips. Even the movers were surprised when they saw how many boxes/items we had. Well we had 3 more days before handing over the keys order kamagra of our old flat to the new owners.



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  1. look at all those windows! i love it!

    Patti Ann


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