Jan 2009

Shifting my dwelling in a week

Posted by: Rin
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My parents are shifting!

So am I. Frankly speaking, I kind of miss my current online cytotec home. I have been living here since year 2003 and it has grown cialis 10mg into me. The only thing I can do is to snap some pictures of my room as memories.

kamagra jelly 100mg alt=”Room 01″/>

Room 02

Room 03

Room 04

Room 05

Room 06

Buy Generic Levitra Professional Online without Prescription src=”https://rin-wendy.com/images/room07.jpg” alt=”Room 07″/>

amoxicillin buy buy finasteride propecia alt=”Room 08″/>

I’m sure to miss my current room. Sighz.



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  1. It looks totally lived in, with many hobbies. Easy to see why you’ll miss it. Good luck with the move.


  2. Your room is so cute! I want to live in it :P

    I miss my old house, too, but you’ll get used to the new one before you even know it.


  3. manga, ps3, action model, nice computer, music, what else you could ask for, that is the best way to live the life.. :D

    izzat aziz

  4. That’s a lot of manga you have there!! o.O


  5. @ Kaylee
    Yeah. I love cute stuff as a whole :3

    @izzat aziz
    Yep~~~ I love my geek,otaku,nerd style of life XD~

    That’s not all my manga, I only showed 3corners of my room, the last corner had another cupboard filled with manga and games



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