Oct 2008

Site upgrades + burnt out

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There is a couple of new upgrades for Rin-Wendy.com, mainly how the comments are presented and a new guestbook section for the website.

These couple of days I’m suffering Generic propecia brand Levitra Super Active+ Online Pharmacy | Buy Levitra Super Active+ | Cheap Levitra Super Active+ | Order Generic Levitra Super Active+ Online without Prescription from a design block, probably too tired over all the recent incidents. Coupled with the lack of sleep over the past few weeks and stress coming from the lack of active freelance gigs. purchase cialis cheap Over the past few days I’ve been questioning myself whether my choice of freelancing over a day-job is really feasible given the situation I am in and the over looming recession.

Well, that’s something which I need to thought out myself. Have to keep telling myself “Rin, you can do it. You have the talent, just need more marketing, self confidence and self-promotion”. Haha.

Something interesting buy amoxil no prescription for you guys.
Ever wondered why the top header for “Rin’s side” and “Wendy’s side” looks kamagra gold so ‘empty and single’? Well, they are part of a bigger picture, which can only be viewed when it’s in the design layout format. cytotec tab rel=”shadowbox”>Here hehe.



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  1. Wow the ‘split screen’ kind of effect seen in the design layout format is simply smashing! Although I’ve stumbled upon two-author layouts before, I’ve never seen one that is made so beautifully with such much dedication and care. I guess that’s the power and magic of love (oh how cliche but so true!)

    I love your designs too. Simple, and yet very elegant. Mine is not minimalistic at all, hah! It’s getting complicated for each of my layout makeover… gotta do something about it. But that’ll have to wait till my finals are over first. Gee!

    Take care!


  2. Thanks for the compliment. I also draw inspiration from Smashing Magazine lol. (As seen from the RSS logo)

    Hehe, as designers we always have the urge to add in something that we just learnt. I also have lots of these temptations too when I started designing this site. Have to curb it too.



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