Oct 2008

Some really nice songs…

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Found some really nice buy propecia online pharmacy songs to listen to this evening…most of them have the bossanova/jazzy feel to it :D Suitable if you want something to help you relax and soothe your nerves after a busy and stressful day at school/work/wherever haha…

Michael Buble – What a Wonderful World (I like his rendition more than the original one)

Michael Buble -You Don’t Know Me

Olivia – Fly Me to the Moon (OMG I lurrrve this song! First heard it in the DeBeers commercial, then heard it again repeatedly when I was choosing my ROM gown. I am not sure if this is the version they used in the DeBeers commercial, anyone knows??)

Elvis Costello – She (I found out this song when I was watching this drama series A Million Falling Stars starring Takuya Kimura. Apparently this is also one of the songs in Notting Hill)

Robin Williams & Nicole Kidman –

Jason Mraz cytotec orderamoxil buy Yours (one of my fave of all cialis for women time :) This little video by Wong Fu makes the songs all the more better)

Beyonce – Irreplaceable (Nice song if you are dumping a two-timing jerk in your life. This is not the reason why I like this song :P )

And if you want a good laugh, look at the latest MV from Britney Spears…I am normally not her fan, Buy Levitra Super Active+ but I think she has outdone herself in this. You can see how she literally transformed herself kamagra ajanta from a girlfriend in pyjamas to a butt-kicking secretary to a catty waitress to a sexy policewoman steering a car with her leg (don’t you wanna know why? :P )…


Enjoy! :D



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  1. Hi, if you like instrumental slow jazz, I would recommend Chris Botti too .. I usually play it at night just before sleep and it helps to soothe the mind from the craze panics of the day.

    Check out Chris Botti “When I fall in love” album, its pretty good.


  2. Thanks for the recommendation…I will check it out :)


  3. Fly Me to the Moon is always my personal favourite, regardless of who the singer is. Over the years there were many singers who’ve covered the song, one of which includes a Japanese singer I admire called Utada Hikaru ;) oh and it’s the ending song for the episodes of my favourite anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion too!

    And Jason Mraz. My my, he never fails to impress me with his songs! I love his unique style that sets him apart from all the bland music we hear nowadays.

    Oh and I love KT Tunstall too! Have you heard of her / her songs before?


  4. Jason Mraz is nice. I love his songs. If you like him, you might also like Jamie Scott and the Town and by a bit of a stretch, Jack Johnson. There’s also a singer on youtube called Ling86, I just discovered her music and I think her songs are wonderful.


  5. teddy: Nope, haven’t heard of KT Tunstall before. Am searching for him/her in YouTube now :P

    Alexis: One of my students last time gave me a Jamie Scott’s first album as a present! There are some songs in there which I do like :) Will check out Ling86, thanks for the recommendation :)


  6. i like “I’m yours” very much. And your recommended songs also i like. Now i recommend some songs for you as follows:
    Cry on my shoulder, fairy tale, i wanted you and er…… some names i forgot, let me think……



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