Dec 2008

Spreading the Christmas Cheer!

Posted by: Wendy
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Today’s Christmas Eve! Hubby and I went to do some last minute shopping for Christmas presents just now and the mall was full to the brim. But we are glad that we have finally finished our Christmas shopping and we are just left with those few presents to wrap :D

I had talked about organizing an event for 70 people earlier on, and yesterday was The Day. I was quite anxious for everything to go smoothly, and thank goodness they did! :) The day before we spent order cialis online some time to decorate a Christmas tree to be put inside the room and it is always amazing how a Christmas tree can light up a room and change the atmostphere into a more festive one. Here’s how the Christmas tree looks like:

The food which I ordered from McDonalds and NonyaManis arrived on time and the kids looked extremely happy and pleased with the games and performances we have put together for them. The magician we invited was so well-loved that he had to extend his performance time. They had fun during craftwork session as well, where they had to decorate a gingerbreadman given to them and create a Christmas card to be given to a loved one. Here are some pictures taken during cytotec medicine the session…it’s buy propecia buy amoxil online no rx a great idea if you want to keep your kids/nephews/nieces occupied :P

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But it is definitely no joke being in the room with 40 boisterous kids, screaming excitedly at almost everything. Almost everyone, including yours truly, went back with either a sore throat or headache at the end of everything. But it has been an enjoyable kamagra event! :D

Merry Christmas everyone and may you have a joyful celebration tomorrow, no matter where you are at! :)



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  1. Oooh, I wish I was a kid at that party XD Looks like you had a lot of fun things planned for them! And the tree looks beautiful. Congratulations on the party’s success :)

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Your tree looks awesome! You certainly spoiled the kids, those (I’m guessing gingerbread) men look yummy.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year!!


  3. The Christmas tree looks amazing and I’m glad the event turned out so well! Merry Christmas!


  4. The Christmas tree looks stunning! The food also looks very appetizing *steals*.


  5. ZOMG is that marshmellow? *join those kids* I WANT ONE!!

    Merry Christmas! ^^


  6. @RiN: Yup, those are marshmallows :) They are most lovely when roasted by the fireplace or inside a cup of hot chocolate ;)


  7. Those pictures are awesome! And the gingerbread men looks tasty.

    Happy Christmas!


  8. Wow, everything looks great! Hehe… organizing events is not easy, especially for kids! Here’s a big pat on the back for a job well done :D

    (those gingerbread look too adorable! hehe)


  9. OH what a pretty tree!! That activity looks like so much fun.. If I was there I would have made one as well. I just love it! Great job!



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