Jan 2009

Step One to Becoming a House Owner

Posted by: Wendy
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Hubby and I went to the Housing Development Board today to kamagra on line inquire and submit our housing loan application. This is our first step towards owning our own house, which we both hope we will accomplish by June this year. We are looking at owning a 4 room flat with 3 bedrooms, cheap generic cialis a living room and a kitchen. And since we live in Singapore where land is scarce, we are paying a great amount of money for it. We are looking at around 250k to 300k for the house.

Hence, it is important that the loan goes through. We are both kinda worried about it though because Rin has just started his freelancing career and his income was not really stable during the beginning. However, the good news is business has started to pick up these last two months (which is the reason why he hasn’t been blogging. I felt kinda lonely in here. *sobs*)

And with the recession Cheap Brand Levitra hitting hard, it is getting tougher to get loans nowadays…they propecia purchase seem to want you to submit every single document to prove that you will not bail out halfway throughout the loan. I know they just want to be sure and safe, after all 250k is a lot of money. That’s the amount that we are aiming for and we will be slaving for the next 30 years to pay it off.

Getting a house is not easy, people. So if you are thinking of getting buy vardenafil married and getting one, please do make sure that you start saving up for it.

We will cytotec induce miscarriage know the result of our loan application by next Friday so I hope I have some good news to post up around this time next week.



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  1. Well, first of all, good luck with getting the loan approved! Crosses fingers…

    We’ve bought our first apartment in 2006, and getting the loan wasn’t that difficult. The problem was actually finding a place, cause the prices were going so high up we thought we’d end up empty handed. Now it’s the same around here. High prices, no loans and worse than that.

    I hope you find a suitable place and that you both are happy with it!


  2. I hope you get the loan approved :)

    My parents saved up a lot before buying a house, so they made a huge down payment. We’ve only owned our house for a bit more than 3 years now and they’re already almost done paying it off. It’s made me realize how important it is to save up for things like that because I don’t want to spend half my life paying for something!


  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes! :)

    Good luck on getting a loan! :) I hope you get it!
    When I get a job when I’m older, the first thing I want to do is save money. Especially since the recession has hit, I’ve truly learned the importance of saving money.


  4. Aw good luck with getting the loan for you house!! At least you don’t live in Vancouver where a tiny shitty old house can go for 1 million. =(


  5. Congrats and good luck on the loan!


  6. I hope the loan application is a success; good luck! A 4-room flat sounds so exciting; I hope you two are able to get it. :)


  7. Ahh, your first house. How exciting! I wish you two luck, I sure hope you get the loan.



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