Dec 2008

Still not really into religion yet

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I am born into a buddhist family. Like all others, I am told to embrace the religion with all my faith, attend the weekly, neccessary events and gatherings and amongst most stuff, not to question the faith.

As I grew up, I started to learn more about the world and the sciences. Science and technology always fascinate me, I never not pass up on an opportunity to find out more about new stuff. I enjoy watching discovery channel, NatGeo a whole lot more than the regular television sitcoms and dramas (the ratio now is probably on every 30 discovery channel hours I will switch to watch an hour of drama). My favourite website is wikipedia.

I am a very ‘science’ person, I prefer to solve things realistically, not with faith. My mum has a pet phrase, “Go pray, it will help you in whatever you do and buy kamagra jelly wished for.” Almost every single problem I approached her with will have this phrase included with the suggestions she gave. This is the kind of answer I hate the most, non-constructive, not applicable in any instance, and not helping to resolve the problem in any other way.

I remember that I got so frustrated at some point during my life that when my mum asked me what I want for my birthday present, I replied, “From now till my next birthday. Can you promise me not to speak a word about faith and religion? This will be the best present for me.” And she did, though I can see her unhappy face when I told her that.

During the year 2005 I told my mum that I want to give other religions a go, to cytotec buy find out where my faith is. After a few months of visiting a local protestant church, attending to bible classes, singing praises to God in a hall etc. I have come to realise that it is whether I am ready to embrace a religion, not which religion.

I have my own ways to remain sane.

One of the reasons people chose a religion is that the religion or rather faith to it, gives them hope and salvation. It gives them something to hope for. For me I have this theory that for any kind of instance, I have 2 choices, either to be happy or to be sad. I would choose one and follow it through; if I know that being sad is not going to cialis online online pharmacy help me much, I will do things that will get me out of that mode faster. Same with anger, I view whether a certain incident deserves of me being angry or not. If not, just resolve that problem and move on. Anger weakens a person’s perception of matters, and makes them make irrational decisions. Those who know me personally will know that I seldom get angry over matters, frustrated yes but not blowing my top off.

Religion is…. over hyped/politicial/influencial

Like my wife, I am very stubborn in some ways too. I dislike being told that something is true until it has substantial proof to validate its worth. I will not recognise that 1 + 1 = 2 until I see evidence that it is actually so. This is something which is a strength and a weakness to me. I love to question things and enjoy finding out the truth about them. Religion, Order Generic Levitra Professional Online without Prescription on the other hand, forces an individual propecia price to believe on purchase stromectol something. This is good, as most religions teaches people to do good. I like doing good too, it makes me happy. What I do not understand is, why is there a need to believe in a religion first before we are ‘granted the eligibility to go to heaven?’. Does heaven really exist? What is reincarnation? Has anyone experienced all these and successfully recorded them down in a way that science can validate them?

“Speculation is cheap, evidence is deep.”

This is where I stand now. As I grow older maybe I might have some changes in my mindset. Who knows, I might be able to accept the religion I am born in, like my parents and younger sister. But it is a bit hard for me to do that now. I respect and honor the Gods and deities, but I still fail to see on why I must dedicate a lot of time in my faith.

Probably I am just lazy. LOL



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  1. I think u can choose secularism or agnosticism.

    I think religion is a belief system for the mass with full of RITUALS.
    For me, I would pursue a spiritual path, rather than religious/doctrine path.
    Spirituality is a journey of growing but Religion is stagnant where u r fixed in box.

    I’m quite disgust with monotheism because it hypes up its believers ego and a sense of being superior to others; And also they always shove their shit down others throat (for e.g. pro life movement and forced/harassing prosetylization).


  2. I was bought up in a similar way, and although I have since found faith I don’t subscribe to a religion.

    Faith is something that comes from your own beliefs. What works for one won’t necessarily work for another.


  3. Hey, I’ve just wrote my extreme ranting on my sister being baptised, here at my personal blog.

    Check it out will ya.

    Don’t worry, as bad as that may sound, that’s actually just my hideout, a place I take solace in being ugly.

    I’m of Das Connection every other time.


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