Mar 2009

Stress-induced Asthma

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All freelancers have their high earning months and low earning months. For a new freelancer like me, I am no exception. After 2008′s last quarter of ‘famine months’ (as I called them), the 1st quarter of 2009 is the beginning of the ‘feast months’. It means I am getting more projects now.

More projects means more deadlines, more deadlines means more stress. This past 2 weeks have cytotec side effects been very stressful for soft tabs cialis me, so much that I need to be placed under a nebuliser treatment due to breathlessness. I myself am quite shocked to see what is happening to me. I am a non-asthmatic, cheapest propecia but I will get breathless when I am under a lot of stress. Last Sunday was the one of the worst for me, I had practically no sleep due to the constant waking up gasping for air and my thoughts are constantly thinking on how to script the next part of the project.

Guess that I need a little time off work to recharge. Hope that I will be freed up to work on my own stuff after this week, after I finish up the 3, or rather 4 outstanding projects I am holding currently. I need more rest ZZZZZ….

Now… back Cheap Levitra Super Active+ to work…

P.S *Also prays that clients order kamagra effects amoxicillin do not come back for updates at the same time, especially after delaying it for like 2 months. It really screws up my schedules. Sighz.*



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  1. Hi! Just wanted to drop by and say this layout looks pretty cute ^^ Never seen two blogs posted in one before =)


  2. I have the same asthma. I recommend yoga. Learn the body relaxation techniques. Then use them as you fall asleep. Especially, in the neck and shoulder area. I think you can control the breathlessness this way. Good luck.


  3. That’s weird. My sister and I have asthma too… it’s finals week. That should explain everything.

    I hope you get better though, or you find someone who can help you with your work. (water and fruits!)



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