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Teaching = Making a Difference

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I will be starting my practical teaching soon, in a school yet to be known. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I usually buy propecia for less feel this way when I have to move away from my comfort zone to a new environment where I have to start building rapport and fitting in all over again.

But all in all, I am looking forward to making a difference buy cytotec in the children’s life.

cialis softtabs 0pt; font-size: 12px;”>The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior antibiotics teacher demonstrates. Generic Levitra Super Active+ Online Pharmacy The great teacher inspires.

Which kamagra gels teacher(s) of yours have made such lasting impression that you can still remember him/her to this day?



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  1. That teacher would be my first physics teacher. She retired so many times, and was hired over and over again. I absolutely love her. She has this wonderful photographic memory, and if you try asking her, “Do you remember me?” she’d tell you your full name, where you sit, how you behave, etc. She was really dynamic if you ask me. She is scary but is well respected rather than feared. Too bad she only taught me for a month though :\


  2. I have a VERY good memory, so I remember pretty much all of them. But my favorite teacher has to be my high school computer science teacher.

    She was extremely strict, so much that if you moved a millimeter while she was explaining stuff, she’d reprimand you. But on the other hand, she made me like computer programming. When I started the subject in grade 9 (high school freshman year) I had no idea where to start writing a program, and always got so stressed when having to write one.

    Aside this, I love how she was always willing to give everyone the benefit of doubt. She would sit for HOURS to check if a program that was not working, would have worked with a few changes: to see if the general idea was a good one.

    It’s such a pity that she’s not teaching programming anymore, but Maths :\


  3. Since I’m still young (cough), I still remember all my teachers. Erm.. I think I remembered all teachers who scolded me :X hehe.

    There isn’t any I think.. but my previous English teacher (when 13 years old – 15 years old) IS really strict. We all know that she’s hoping the best for us but she’s.. scary :X

    Whenever we lined up to hand in our essays, I feel like a group of students lining up to head for the hell D:

    “I’ll dig your eyes out!” (When there is some spelling mistakes)
    “Who is that stupid monkeys smiling?!” (When someone smiles..)
    “I’ll throw you outside the window” (…..)

    hehe, anyway good luck! ^^


  4. the ones at Pusat Tuisyen Kasturi… hahaha…

    perhaps the ones in ATU too.


  5. My physics teacher (I still have her), but she’s such an amazing person. She teaches stuff very well, and she knows what she’s talking about, and she worked for NASA. And most importantly, she always admits when she’s wrong :D Which is really nice, because it makes you feel like your teacher is human :P


  6. I get that nervous/excited feeling too when I move outside my comfort zone. You’ll be great at teaching. :)


  7. Aww well I’m excited for you! Good luck with that.


  8. Many of my teachers have made big influences on me, but namely my piano teacher. She taught me not only music, but life lessons as well, and as cheesy as it sounds, I really appreciate her for doing so.
    Good luck!


  9. Best of luck with the teachings; hope it goes well!
    My favourite teacher … hmm, there was a teacher at my school who was a strict grader but he was very straightforward and blunt about his expectations, and I ended up learning a lot as a result.


  10. I can remember all of my teachers, but not because they have left such a great impression.

    Good luck with your new job!


  11. My boyfriend is starting his soon as well. I think the nerves is a good thing! Shows that you are at least excited about it. I’m sure you will do great since you seem so dedicated. It’s a wonderful thing.. making an impact on young lives! I wish you luck.

    Oh, I had so many teachers who inspired me. In college, my english and literature teacher was amazing. She really loved what she taught. She actually made writing fun. That’s coming from someone who use to hate writing. :P I had a wonderful Western Civilization and American History teachers as well. Oh, and my Psychology teacher. I had them all 2-3 times for different subjects. That’s how amazing they were. They REALLY loved their job and I believe if it shows, the students will enjoy their time as well.


  12. I feel excited about you! I hope you’re equally looking forward eagerly for the practical teaching. I always have high respect for teachers because they are the people that are actively shaping the next generation and so, the country’s future. Handling students is never an easy stuff – from cheeky kids to rebellious teenagers, every teacher faces a challenging but noble task of nurturing them.

    I guess the best teacher I’ve met so far is my college math teacher. She’s very humourous and lively in class, and what makes me really look up to her is that she is only one of the few teachers who are willing to stay back after school to help weaker students, or even sacrifice her whole Sunday afternoon for panicky students, the weekend before exams. She’s a very healthy person too – she eats healthy, exercises very often and sometimes invites us to jog with her (which none of us did because we’re shy haha).

    Good luck!


  13. There were two teachers who made real impressions on me. One was a social studies teacher who we all thought was a bit effeminate but he was very unorthodox and he was actually passionate about the subjects he taught. He was also quite strict, using a cell phone in his class means the cell phone will be confiscated and returned to you taken to bits. But we all liked and respected him.

    The other was was my Chinese teacher in Sec 3 and 5. She knew I was hopeless but she took the trouble to scare the living daylights out of me so I would study hard and at least pass my Chinese O’s. She also took the time to be interested in my life because she knew I was having a very hard time with my family relocating and all.

    Good luck with your teaching practical. I’m sure you’ll be a wonderful teacher. =D


  14. First of all, I want to say good luck to you! I am a first grade teacher myself, so I can definitely say that teaching is not an easy career choice and it takes someone special to do it. I wish you all the best! :)

    I have so many teachers that made a great impression on me, thus why I went into teaching myself. :) A good teacher does more than just show up to collect their paycheck and get summers off. ;)



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