Nov 2008

The price tag of marriage part 2

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This post is part of a series. You can view the rest here:

  • Part I – Introduction, Proposal
  • Part II – Dowry discussion, Photoshoot and ROM
  • Part III – Buying/Registering for a house


Marrying someone is not as simple as one may think, pocket wise.

Previously I have talked about the 8 events covering a traditional Chinese wedding in Singapore. And have touched a little on the proposal event. Well, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Let us continue on:


Dowry discussion

I know that this is mainly covered by the parents of the guy’s family. But, it does not really hurt to know a bit more about what is really needed to be spent here. JUST IN CASE.

Okay, a typical dowry gift set, or rather a group of items, consists of mainly a set of jewellery, bedroom items (towels, combs, hairpins, cloths etc) and perhaps a red packet. The set of jewellery is made up of a necklace, bracelet, anklets, earrings and vaginal cytotec ring(s). Older generations usually prefer gold jewellery as opposed to the white gold jewellery that our generation likes nowadays. An affordable set of jewellery usually hovers around 1k+. Although it defeats the purpose of dowry, it will be good if the bride-to-be goes along with her in-laws for jewellery hunting. Getting jewellery that suits a girl is not easy, agree?

Average cost of Dowry : Dependent



How can we all get married without a photoshoot? It is something which captures the moment of blissfullness and happiness, something which let us remember our most important day in our lives.

I say it once, as a creative professional,

Photoshoots are EXPENSIVE and they are WORTH WHAT YOU PAID FOR.

Photoshoots usually are served in packages. There is a wide range of things which a couple must take note when it comes to choosing a package:


  • Number of costumes
  • Number of locations (studio shoots is also a location)
  • Amount of photos received
  • Miscellaneous stuff like Multimedia presentation/montage/albums
  • Day/Event photographer availability for Actual day/Banquet


In Singapore a typical photoshoot will cost around $4k, which the package will cover most of the stuff as stated above. Blessed with our geographic location, our neighbour Malaysia has many photo studios with competitive prices too, ranging from SGD$2k+ (converted) onwards. Though it is definitely cheaper to go over to our neighbouring country for this service, however, getting them to do location shoots in Singapore will incur an additional fee which make them have a price tag around the same as Singapore’s.

Another thing to note is the amount of photos received for the photoshoot. The photo studio is not liable to give the clients the raw, non-edited pictures of the photoshoot. Only a selected amount (as determined by the package chosen) will be given to the couple. Arrangements can be made for the couple to get the raws, but do take note that it will cost an additional fee.

Average brand name propecia cost of Photoshoot: $4k


ROM buy cialis cheap (Register for Marriage)

ROM can be done on the actual day itself or as a separate amoxicillin event prior to the banquet. Declaration of Husband and Wife can be done at Singapore Registry of Marriage for a cost of $26 (at time of writing this post), or can be hosted at a restaurant/country club (approx $400), or at a hotel with reception at a estimated pricing of $1k.

During this event the couple may like to have witnesses and provide a warm reception, be it set lunch/dinner or doing it the buffet style. Depending on the amount of people invited the reception will cost from $400+ upwards to a few thousands.

Next is the wedding bands. Like proposal rings, wedding bands also have diamonds Order Generic Levitra Super Active+ Online without Prescription on them. These are the rings where you need to buy in a pair. Unlike the proposal ring, shopping for a wedding band has different criteria. The main criteria is to get a ring where the wearer will feel comfortable wearing it daily. Rings with big diamonds sticking out are usually not recommended. Same with the proposal ring, the best time to get these are during the sales season in Singapore, a pair of wedding bands costs around 1.5k.

Average cost of ROM: $2.5k (inclusive of ROM itself, wedding bands and a small buffet around 30pax)

In Part III we will be covering on housing, one of the biggest kamagra quick financial strain on marriage.



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  1. Hi all,

    Photoshoot is really dependent as well…young couples like my best buddy and his fiancee agree to cut down the costs by engaging free lance photographers…I seen some of their photoshoots…of coz it ain’t top notch quality but good enough for remembrance of the special events.

    I say dependent as in how agreeable is your significant half to cutting the budget. I glad to say my fiancee won’t be happy if i spent so much for photos..(She is a thrifty type :) ).

    ROM again depends on ur significant half also… I’ll be spending 1.5 to 1.8k inclusive of flowers, wedding bands and a good family dinner.

    Again, this makes my fiancee very happy coz she like to keep things simple and prefers small gathering. This make her comfortable and feel relax. I am one very lucky man.

    The point i am trying to get across is, budget urself to what your significant half prefers, talk to her, discuss and plan…

    Anyway, good work rin, for providing insight of the costs for an average wedding cost.


  2. how do you manage to get the girl’s ring size? just wondering in case i intend to do some secret proposing myself…


  3. Rin was really sneaky about finding out my ring size that he did it a whole year before! :lol:


  4. okay…

    heh. that’s something i need to learn. but since i don’t even have a gf yet, i can take the time to slowly learn his ninja skills. woot!


  5. @CornLord
    Yeah, most of the events do not really have fixed price to them. It all really depends on the budget of the couple. What I wrote is a little insight on what to expect. There are so many options and prices out there that it is not really feasible to consolidate them and list them here lolx.

    Hehe I am too a very lucky man as Wendy she is very supportive and knows what we both can afford.

    Trick is… get her a set of couple rings during courtship. There are so many accessory shops like CoupleLabs out there so take your pick. With this you can make her happy and at the same time, get the information you want = =+


  6. See what I mean by being sneaky? :lol:


  7. Ouch, so far, the price tags have looked pretty painful, maybe that’s why no one is getting married now. We had a tiny wedding with just two good friends and our nuclear families, it cost us S$2k total. Some people made a lot of noise that we dared to go non-traditional but it was totally worth not having to pay the equivalent of a house, wear a big dress and having to entertain 300 people.


  8. good,haha


  9. Certainly a really fun and awesome article :) ) I still didn’t read part 3 but i bet it’s awesome too. Appreciate the work. Cheers


  10. But finding out your ring size a year before can cause problems because your fingers could have grown. Good idea though.

    Mens Ring

  11. I would rather come there after marriage. :P
    Seems reallly expensive.. :)

    Durga Nandan

  12. Wow, maybe that is why some people decide to elope, or just be simplistic. It should be a wonderful and remembered ocassion, but does it have to be so expensive? I think it can be done much less expensively and still preserve the enchantment of the occasion.



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