May 2009

Things that make me relax

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Sigh, looking buy cheap cialis back… most of the vaginal cytotec blog posts I posted these days are posts on stress and stuff that frustrates me. So this time I’ll post stuff that helps me amoxicillin to relax and cope with the challenges I am facing currently.

  1. ‘Tae’ type songs (‘Tae’ is the hokkien term of ‘acting cute’, most anime songs fall into this type of category.)
  2. Watching brand kamagra quick name propecia and Generic Levitra Online Pharmacy x Gong. (Yeah I am a cat lover, and a big dog HATER)
  3. Playing games
  4. Playing music on my electone.

What’s your way of relieving stress?



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  1. skating


  2. i wanna make a blog like yours with my girl friend.
    please help me,ring.
    if you wanna help me.thanks.


  3. Reading books.
    I like the style of your blog. It’s amazing.


  4. Thank you for visting my blog.
    i see it.
    but maybe you can’t know the chinese.


  5. @Alex lee simply install wordpress and find some interesting subjects..its done. :)


  6. I have a blog with my girlfriend,when I saw your blog,excellent!


  7. I … go to the beach…. is better

    Nice Blog!


  8. Playing games help me relax but also walks on scenic places. Like the beach or in the woods somewhere. Thankfully I live in Toronto and there are several beaches and forested areas around. In the winter is mostly games.



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