May 2009

Tired of Searching for a New House

Posted by: Wendy
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Hubby and I have been trying to find a suitable house since end of March. And until now, more than a month and around 15 houses later, we still couldn’t find one which is nice enough to make us want to go back for a second viewing.

Some of the houses are pretty attractive, but somehow generic amoxicillin online or another, we would manage buy kamagra cheap href=””>propecia discount to find a flaw or another during the viewing that would cause us not to want to commit to the house anymore. For example, we would find a house with a very good location (near MRT stations, restaurants, etc) but the layout of the house was disappointing. Or we would find a very nice house but the location is not suitable at all.

The biggest disappointment, I would have to say, was one of the houses I viewed yesterday. It was one of those Design and Built House so that means the surrounding was one of the most beautiful ones that I have viewed so far…everything about it and the house is just aesthetically pleasing. It is a HDB flat but it has the look of a condo unit. And the best generic cytotec cialis for women thing was their asking price is still within our means and I honestly think we would not be able to get such a good price for houses around that area.

We were about to consider going back for a second viewing until Cheap Levitra Hubby spotted that the house is right above a community hall (it is on the second floor). And that means noise. We are not sure if we would be comfortable staying in a place where we might be awakened at midnight when there is a party or funeral wake going on in the hall.

I just hope we will be able to find a house that fits all of our criteria soon. Sigh….



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  1. Y’know, I really don’t think there is a perfect house. Most houses or apartments I’ve seen needs reno work to match your stlye of living. I’ve own 2 apartments, neither perfect but I can still turn them into interesting living spaces. On a shoe string budget I might add.

    Adrian Lee

  2. Just be patient k? A good one will come by. You know how many I went to with my parents right? and I survived.. so can you. *hugs*


  3. Take a deep breathe and keep looking. Houses are like that, while I was looking for a rental, we saw about ten houses in a couple of weeks before finding a perfectly imperfect one. I loved the location, house and neighbors, only problem was that everything hung at crazy angles and they let lizards in. Still loved it though. =)


  4. It’s okay. When you’re getting tired of the ‘looking’ process, just remember that finding the right house will mean peace of mind and comfort for the next 100 years or so (or longer if you live to be 120+ years old)


  5. Hello Wendy! It’s been a while… hope you still remember who I am!

    Anyways, I just rediscovered this place, so I’m just dropping by to say hi.

    I know you’ve found a wonderful home and I hope you’re wonderfully happy with it =)



  6. I know what you mean. Going through the exact same thing. Have viewed 20 in a short time span and I’m exhausted. And it’s disappointing when you finally decided you like a flat and want to make an offer, the seller withdraws his flat from the market. ARGH!


  7. hi wendy…
    I look into this blog for while,.. where do you find this awesome idea?… butterfly layout blog… I’ll never tired searching this themes like you searching your new house.. :)



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