Nov 2009

Updates – New House Completed!

Posted by: Wendy
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It kamagra jelly has been such a long time since I posted here!

A quick update on what purchase propecia is going on in my life:

  • I have survived the first half year of my teaching career and am now enjoying my end of the year holiday. I have just received news that I will be teaching Primary 5 (Grade 5) again next year so hopefully it won’t be as overwhelming as what I had felt before.
  • I have also moved in to my new house early this month, as scheduled. So far, I have been enjoying my new house…my contractor has done a good job beautifying the place.

Main entrance

Cabinet facing the main entrance


Living room – facing the balcony

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Living room – facing study room

Study room – Book shelves

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Study room

canadian cialis left;”>That’s all for now…I will be putting up more pictures in my next few posts :)



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  1. Your house looks really lovely so far :-)


  2. Your house looks huge! And it’s really pretty and neat. By the way, you have an extensive collection of mangas. ;)


  3. Wen Yen! Very nice place you have there! Can I come visit some day? =)


  4. Hehe thanks :)

    Dayna> The mangas belong to my hubby :) He is an avid manga reader.

    Ihsan> Of course..if you drop by Singapore, do let me know :)


  5. Your house looks so cozy, modern and lovely! I likey :D I particularly like your study room for the extensive manga collection :D


  6. Wow, nice house! Looks like you guys were real busy! =)


  7. Really pretty house! Welcome back from your hiatus :) (if you’re back)


  8. Love it all, everything looks so clean and neat! I’m a big fan of the clock in your living room :)


  9. Hehe I only hope I can continue to keep as clean and as neat a few months from now!

    But no kidding, right now every Saturday is a Spring Cleaning Day for me and hubby. We are not even as hardworking when we were living in our parents’ house.

    Maybe living in our own house does really help to make us grow up.


  10. Your house looks very nice!

    I’ve always wanted to be a teacher because I love children. I would really love the experience one day.


  11. Your house is amazing! I’m jealous. I hate living in a cramped apartment. :(


  12. Your house is BEAUTIFUL!!!! congrats!


  13. yo ict buddy . . nice site…


  14. Wow! My congrats=)


  15. Wow Wendy, your home is so beautiful! I love the bookshelves, looks like heaven to me!



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