Aug 2009

Wall Clock for kitchen over at new house

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We saw an interesting wall clock during our trip cytotec pfizer to Johor, Malaysia today. Having decided that it fits our new kitchen, we bought it.


Let the cute little nendos help describe it in more detail, hehe.

wall clock 01

Miku: Leave it to us!!


wall clock 02

Kureha: Bean sprouts, tied in a cute way using a red ribbon.


wall clock 03

Kureha: This is broccoli.

Cute Rin: *looks in awe*


wall clock 04

Miku: Although this Cheap Levitra Super Active+ is not my favourite leek, buy generic amoxil it is still a healthy vegetable.


wall <a href=cialis kamagra gel order online clock 05″ />

How the panels are stacked together, with the clock.


It is pretty amazing that once a couple get their first house, their shopping habits will significantly change. These days I tend to look at more furniture, appliances, house decorations rather than my usual games and electronics. Getting more ‘homely’? Haha


Which reminds me, I am due to complete the last section of the “Price of Marriage” mini-blog series on buying online propecia Last section is on house which previously I stopped writing due to lack of experience in that subject. Now is a good time to continue on, stay tuned for it.



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  1. Love the clock! :P


  2. 超级喜欢博主的主题~不知道能否共享一下呢~我也是情侣博客,可惜自己不懂是主题制作~


  3. Maybe this clock will help you teach the kids (in the future) to eat veggies! =P


  4. Interesting site, and web design. By the way, the clock looks cool.

    Daniel R. H.

  5. Man, that’s an awesome clock!!!! Very artsy! Love it!


  6. I am sooo exited!!!! Awesome clock!


  7. Such a cool clock!
    And i love the style of your blog!

    Wild Child


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