Jun 2010

Wedding Preparation Part 1 – Gown Selection

Posted by: Wendy
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I guess after a hiatus of 6 months, I am now back in the blogging scene.

If you are wondering why I suddenly amoxicillin online have the time to cytotec contraindications post, it is because the long-awaited school holiday is finally here! However, I am pretty busy this holiday as I will be preparing for my wedding dinner which will be held at the end of this year on 12 December.

Today I went to choose my wedding gowns and managed to settle on 6 of them after 2 hours of choosing and trying them on. It was fun but tiring. The staff cheapest kamagra in the studio were pretty accommodating (even though we were late by order propecia online an hour due to some confusion and traffic jam) and even helped me to pick two of the final gowns that I would be wearing for my photoshoots in two weeks time :) Not to mention catering to my indecisiveness because at the last minute I decided to change my mind and swapped one of the chosen gowns with another over the phone!

The Order Generic Levitra Professional Online without Prescription next two blog entries are going to be about one of the most exciting purchase generic cialis (and I am sure tiring) parts of my life – my indoor/outdoor photoshoots. Two days of constant smiling and posing, walking about in grand-looking gowns in high heels and basically just trying to look my best – let’s see how they will turn out to be.



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  1. Look forward to reading about the shoots. Good to see you back, Wendy :)


  2. Hey Wendy, I saw your gowns on facebook! I think the red one is really pretty ;) Haha. I’m looking forward to see the wedding shots!


  3. That is so cute! Wedding! :D Congrats~ I’m also looking forward to see the shots. :)

    My Linh


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