Dec 2008

What a Waste of Time!

Posted by: Wendy
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I hate it when an event coordinator screwed up and caused inconvenience to all the participants who have made an effort to attend.

Hubby and I woke up early today to get ready for a rehearsal in preparation for a grand scale event which would need us to be on stage tomorrow. We received a SMS a few days ago reminding us to be at the hall by 10am today but the venue is so faraway we had to be up and ready to leave the house by around 9 in the morning. My parents-in-law were heading there as well so we went together with them in their car which seems to be a good idea until the car decided to break down halfway.

I do not know what is it with me, but this kinda thing always tend to happen to me at the worst possible time, when we are already running late to begin with.

So we reached there at 11am and the whole hall was full with people moving about and there were no sign showing us which counter we should approach for information. We went to the nearest counter to ask when and where the rehearsal would be held and the answer we got was:

“Erm, I don’t know.”

Getting increasingly irritated after asking a few people there and getting the same, annoyingly-dumb answer, we decided to call the person who was supposedly in charge of the event. When we called, she told us that the rehearsal has been postponed for some reason and she was not sure when it would be held. She told us to go to cytotec dosage the next hall to wait for further news.

We online pharmacy cialis obediently went to the next hall to wait as instructed but half an hour later, we still did not have an inkling of when it was going to take place. So we gave the person another call, only kamagra supplier to find out that she had shut off her phone.

What is the meaning of this??

You are the person in charge and you are shirking responsibility by not answering your phone and leaving all the attendees stranded without knowing what they have to do next? If you are not sure of the program schedule, why do you bother to ask us to attend anyway?

After an hour of waiting and doing nothing, we made one last inquiry at the counter and were told to continue buy antibiotics online waiting. And we were told to wait as if this is something expected out of us, as if there was nothing wrong with the event being delayed for hours.

We got so fed up we just walked out right there and then.

One thing I can’t stand is when the event planner does not organize things properly and causes everyone to waste their time just because of their incompetence. You i need to buy propecia know that you are in charge of this particular event and you know that people will be coming because of the message that you have sent out, Buy Levitra Professional so on that day you had better station yourself with a big sign at your counter so that we are not left to wander about like chickens with their head chopped off.

How rude and irresponsible it is to shut off your phone and go missing in action when you know that people you messaged had actually made an effort to come for the rehearsal as you have requested. The least you can do when such situation arises is to answer our calls calmly and apologize should need be.

After all, isn’t it your fault that the whole thing was delayed for more than 2 hours and you still have no idea of when it is going to be resumed?

But no, I have not heard a single word of apology at all when we mentioned about the delay and the time we have wasted.

Are we supposed to wait patiently until the cows come home?



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  1. wow, such rude and irresponsible person o.O I can’t believe she left you guys to wait for a few hours and ending up “it has been delayed”. She/He should have told you guys first! Then.. the event is tomorrow(?) and how are the preparations?

    p/s: LOL don’t worry, the layout design is enough to bring the visitors back :P Your posts are nice but I think you should add line-height.. x_x hahs.


  2. Ouch Wendy. I feel for you!

    I’d probably have slaughtered the person by now. Kudus to u.


  3. 呵呵,中国朋友,在此祝福你们,并且羡慕着你们


  4. Wow… you guys sure are patient! I would’ve set that person’s number on automatic redial after the looong wait. O.o

    Kudos to the Rin & Wendy duo, boos to your event planner.


  5. @Ivy: We did call her a few times before we headed back but each time we were directed to her voice mailbox instead >.<


  6. You definitely are patient!! I would have just walked out or else left a pretty nasty message… but knowing me, I probably would have done the same. Aww, by hubby, I take it that you’re really married??? ^_^


  7. Wow that is seriously inconsiderate, inconvenient, irresponsible, and completely unprofessional.

    My gawd, it’d be so hard for me to keep my cool, but it looks like you handled the situation very well. :)


  8. @Destiny: Yea, we are really married, on paper that’s it. We are going to hold our wedding in 2010, if everything goes smoothly :)



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