Apr 2009

What world am I in?

Posted by: Wendy
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Saw that this was written by one of my friends (who is also a teacher I guess, but in the US) in the Facebook:

cialis soft tab class=”UIIntentionalStory_Names”> buy mg propecia buying kamagra online I am in a world of pain, disappointment, abuse, poverty, shootings, fights, death, and standardized cytotec amoxil 500mg inducing labor tests (aka my week and first year of teaching)…

And another one of her friends replied to her quote with this:

It’s the same world who invented art, poetry, music, love and faith… :)

Hayfa, if you are reading this, Generic Levitra Professional Online Pharmacy thanks for the inspiration :D



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  1. I like this. :) thanks for sharing too!


  2. Awesome! Love it. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    BTW, I tagged in a “what’s in my purse” meme! Not sure if you do memes, but no pressure. :P


  3. That is totally a nice reply. Definitely inspirational.


  4. Very inspiring indeed. Thanks for sharing this with us. :)



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