Oct 2008

Where is your ‘tactical planning room’?

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I am sure that all of us sometime or another, Generic Levitra Online Pharmacy need a quiet place without outside interferences, to sit down alone and think. Be it making important life decisions, planning long term goals or reflecting on past actions, where is this little haven we go to?

For generic amoxil me it’s a common place. Not some hidden, out of the way cafes or parks. It is a common room which is all houses have, the bathroom. Often than not, I have the tendency to take showers/baths which spans up to 30-40 minutes. That’s buy 5 mg propecia online a lot longer than the average bath/shower time a guy should have. I’ll just sit down in the bath tub (or a small stool when my family doesn’t have a bathtub in the beginning) and let the water sprinkle down on my head through the shower head.

There are many reasons as to why I chose that place as my ‘tactical planning room’, I’ll talk about some of my little excuses on wasting the precious water commodity.


Near-Zero Disturbance

What are the chances of your family members/friends calling you when they know that you are in the toilet? Until it’s a real emergency, I don’t think that my family will knock on the toilet door. With little disturbances, it provides a very good environment for me to do some deep thinking.


Minimised cytotec buy online Distractions

There is nothing else in the bathroom for me to admire at, thus I can close my eyes to close off all the visual distractions. Sound is replaced by the constant pelting of water on my head and shoulders and the smells are those fragant shower gels which I liked.


Removing all the hot/cold temperature issues

I live in the forever-hot country of Singapore, where the environment can get hot and humid most of the time. With the heat function of the shower head, I can adjust the water temperature to one which is right for me at that moment. Plus being in the shower, issues of frustration due to stickiness from crystalised sweat is dropped to a minimum. cialis cost Furthermore, kamagra review depending on the strength of the water output, it has a massaging effect when it hits the back of my spine and shoulder muscles.


My ‘tactical planning room’ has let me thought out quite a few important life decisions (like which career path to take), as well as creative ideas to take on the world with (e.g the design of this website lolx).

Where is your ‘tactical planning room’? Share with us :3



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