Dec 2008

Who Stole My Pair of Jeans?

Posted by: Wendy
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This is such a bummer that I have to buy xanax online write about it, no matter how trivial it sounds. So bear with me.

After washing it, I put out a pair of jeans to dry on the clothing line outside my room (I stay in a hostel). Then I went to take an afternoon nap for around 2 hours.

Within that 2 hours, a cursed thief must have crept around and decided to pinch my jeans off the clothing line.

So when I woke up and went out to go to the kitchen to get a drink, I was shocked to see that my pair of jeans has gone missing. cytotec purchase There were other clothes which I have put out to dry together with my pair of jeans, but seems like the thief has taken a fancy to just that one item and decided to leave the rest cialis without prescription alone.

He or she has good taste too because that jeans costed me quite a bit of money and is one of my favorite. I have always hated losing clothes because even if I can find another piece which is totally alike, it won’t give me the same feeling as the lost one. And I have always loved that pair of jeans because it is so comfortable kamagra sildenafil to wear. If you know me, I usually took a long time to find a pair which I like because I am quite particular Buy Levitra Super Active+ buy 5mg propecia when it comes to choosing jeans. I will only buy it if it is comfortable to wear (even during first fitting), of a certain shade of color and has the right cutting.

Which explains that’s the only pair of jeans that I have. And it is going to be hard to replace.

Curse the thief. !@#$@!#



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  1. Oooh what a bloody pain in the behind. I know how you feel. May the thief break out in pox and blisters! Or better yet, lose their favorite comfy jeans in the same way.


  2. Sorry to hear. I completely understand your frustration. What a jerk! Who steals clothes anyway? It’s so lame!

    But, are you sure they just didn’t fall down or something? Maybe the wind blow them out of sight? It’s worth checking out…


  3. @Regine: I have checked the surrounding and I am pretty sure it has not fallen off. Plus I pegged it quite securely to the clothing line. So it must have been stolen.


  4. I’m sorry you didn’t find it. I hope you do find another pair that’s even better than the one they stole from you!
    Hey, this is almost an excuse to go shopping, if you indeed like shopping.


  5. That’s really bizarre.

    I bet there’s some escaped criminal running around out there in your jeans, having traded their prison gear for your clothes. :P

    (Or maybe that’s just my overactive imagination)


  6. that damn culprit really needs a punishment!


  7. OH NO!! so mean … then it’s not safe to dry clothing anymore.. how?


  8. He or she has good taste too because that jeans costed me quite a bit of money

    That’s the reason right there–they know it’s pretty expensive, so…*swipe*

    But it doesn’t justify anything. If you can’t dry your laundry in peace, what can you do?!

    Nat Marie

  9. I seriously have no idea.

    I can’t dry them in my room because it is going to stink up the whole room and my roomie will probably kill me.

    And there is no dryer around, otherwise I will just put all my clothes into the dryer to dry.


  10. Why would drying clothes indoors stink up the place? I’ve seen some people with those indoor drying racks, and I’ve used it before…

    In any case, I can’t believe someone stole your jeans! D: It can be so tedious to find a pair that you truly love.


  11. That is so sad!! :o I would never ever ever put my clothes outside for that exact reason. I won’t even let the washer/dryer out of sight if I am at a public place… You poor thing!! *pet*


  12. Thanks for all the consoling words, I am feeling better now. And I guess this is an excuse for shopping, like what Regine said :P But it is going to be tough to find another pair, I actually hate shopping for jeans cos I always took so long to find one that I really like!

    @Kaylee: I think it is because of the weather here. Singapore can get unbelievably humid at times so if I dry the clothes inside, it might take a few days for it to properly dry. Plus my room air ventilation is not the greatest so that’s why there will be a smell if I do the drying indoors.


  13. What in the world!? That’s horrible news! Now that means you can’t hang anything nice or expensive on your clothing lines without having the possibility that some jerk might take it.

    I am also a very picky person when it comes to jeans. I’m so picky that I don’t have a lot of pairs. haha

    But yeah, I’m truly sorry for your lost :-/


  14. That’s so bad! It really sucks to lose clothes you like :(

    Reminds me of the UiTM times!!


  15. Oh that just sucks. I’ve lost quite a lot of my favorite clothes too.. My maid used to flick a few without me figuring it out a lot later :s . Oh well..

    Diesel jeans


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