Dec 2008

WTF is ripped.

Posted by: Rin
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I am normally a person who seldom gets agitated over matters, but this is too much.

cialis for women target=”_blank”>This person blatantly used a spider software to rip out my blog’s personal theme and release it to the Cheap Levitra public buy buy cheap kamagra propecia online cheap pharmacy without my permission.

He just does not respect intellectual property rights.

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Just imagine that if you are the person who spent weeks thinking about the concept, hours sitting down to design and code the theme… others just ripped the website out and distribute it without permission.




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  1. oh my gawd.. I understand your feeling and I hope you can feel better soon..

    (it’s so weird when I’m a RiN too D:)


  2. I hate it when that happens… but at least you know where the original comes from!! People don’t really have respect for authentic things…
    in a way, it’s also an honor that your layout is so great for someone else to steal ^_^


  3. Dude, that sucks. Unfortunately it is all too common these days. Love the site layout!


  4. I am surprised at how incredibly calm you sound!!! I would’ve been screaming hell in my blog entry XD :D
    Don’t worry though.. your website’s pretty popular.. so everybody knows who the copycat is.


  5. Your site made it to his portfolio!


  6. As I’m sure you know, you were posted on a site showing off 100 sites with great artistic designs. Your layout was one of 5-6 that really caught my eye. Love the work you did.


  7. And in case you were unaware of your site being posted, you can find the page at


  8. Just stumbled onto here from Digg.

    Sucks about the theme being ripped. Although, I must say, the “double blog” idea is genius.


  9. I understand a little bit about your anger, but I have absolutely 100% ZERO sympathy for you. It’s not like webpages are closed source or anything – in firefox is pretty much as easy as hitting ctrl+u. If you get this upset over somebody liking your design and grabbing the code, I suggest you try coding different things where you can moderate who gets the code – because you are honestly just coming across as whiny and in need of attention here.


  10. i experimented this also :) and, yes, i’ve been on your side

    this days is easier to take than to create…

    anyway… you know that I’ve never seen this idea of “double-blog” before, so, that’s what I call creativity and originality.


  11. Wow that sucks!!

    But in the future [when you're done using this theme], maybe you can release it as a public WP theme and stick your disclaimer in there so you can get hits back to your blog! This is an awesome theme.


  12. well, I’m sorry that you can’t read chinese.
    But at least, they talked about your site cause they liked your job. Don’t you like to share some nice things with others that you found in the net? If someone takes my site like a cool example, I think I would be happy but not angry like a teenage screaming girl.
    Otherwise, dont’t worry about your codes…they’ll never steal yours.


  13. Can’t you get it removed somehow? Contact server hosts and such? That is utterly ridiculous. You could also threaten legal action, even if you don’t go through with it. Sometimes that works. :P


  14. Not to be a dick or anything, but this design isn’t *that* unique/original.

    I’m actually here right now because I saw your design on another blog showing off snazzy designs and thought, “Wow, that looks a lot like the design I thought about making years ago!”

    So yeah… your design looks great! But… it’s pretty obvious as well (for the purpose).


  15. Copying is the best compliment.


  16. Cool site you got here. Like it! I know what it feels like when someone rips your work. My design and codes were stolen, too! SUCKS!


  17. the guy that posted that in his personal “SIDE WORK” needs to be crucified. Nail him to the wall thats B.S. original or not, he ripped AND linked back to your site.

    post a redirect coming from his site to a THE GUYS SITE YOU WERE JUST ON RIPPED MY DESIGN.

    gratz on diggified


  18. Thanks everyone for your comments and support. I am now trying to minimize the ‘damage’. Frankly speaking I am at a lost state of mind right now… one side being unhappy about my site being ripped and the other side happy with it (due to the popularity it gets ripped).

    @Anon, somemaddude:
    Hmm, is my own personal portfolio site btw. ^^||

    I concur. There isn’t much original ideas anywhere now. Everything can be categorized under a certain style or look, like minimalist, grungy, web2.0 etc

    If I am whiny I would have wrote a huge article about it and copyright infringement. I also understand that in the web there is no such thing as a fool-proof protection from rips and copycats.

    Yeah, that’s my original intention. To release the theme when I’m done with it. But the site-rippers got to it first sadly.

    Sorry to tell you that I do understand Chinese. I appreciate that the chinese liked my design but do understand that this is a private WP theme. It is designed and implemented by me, not downloaded anywhere else. This theme is not ready to be released to the public yet, as a designer and front-end developer I dare not say that this theme is workable right off the bat. It has too many customizations to make it work like it is now.


  19. @Archimedes: This is our personal blog. If we can’t complain and rant here, where do we do it then?

    @barbiegirl: There are things which we would like to share and things which we don’t. That doesn’t make us selfish. That is our right as the creator and administrators of this place. Plus we don’t mind them talking about our site and using it as a “cool example” as you put it. But we do draw a line when the person used a software to rip off our site and then distribute it to others without our permission.

    @Shaun: Of course, many others would have thought about this theme. But there is a difference between thinking about it and actually coming out with the theme. And we do not mind inspiring others with the concept of this site, but we are not going to support blatant copying and ripping.


  20. 非常好的主题,其实我们也只是希望得到分享,祝福你们幸福,呵呵!


  21. @Archimedes: What you’ve just said is plain wrong. The ease of copying materials doesn’t mean that copyright owners do not have the right to pursue their rights entailed by their ownership of their creations. By your (invalid) argument, can we say that we have the right to deny artists and singers from protecting their works when music and photocopying facilities are readily available?

    @Barbiegirl: By default, all materials created by a person is protected by copyright laws, as long as he/she can prove the idea was first materialised by them (in the form of graphics, codes, physical documents and etc). Owners can opt to release their materials by licensing the materials with the Creative Commons License, but that is when the owners have expressed that – otherwise, all their materials cannot be distributed, even for non-profitable reasons. Get your laws right before babbling off.

    Dear Rin and Wendy, I am terribly sorry to hear what has happened. In the screenshot I have clearly read that the person who’ve plagiarised your theme claims that he has photoshop works to do with your theme (which indirectly means that he is claiming ownership over your theme) and that is completely unacceptable. I am glad that the thread has been removed by an administrator.

    My works have been illegally plagiarised and even modified before (and the person even passes them off as his own), so I can completely feel the frustration in you.

    Take care, and have a great weekend :) *pats pats* everything will be ok.


  22. Nice blog design! It sucks really to have your design stolen.


  23. It’s horrible that someone would do that D: I don’t agree with Archimedes at all. Just because it’s “easy” for someone to steal, doesn’t mean you should let them get away with it. You’re not being whiny at all :P

    I hope this gets resolved!


  24. Seriously Archimedes, your comment was utterly stupid. They didn’t just steal the code, they stole the entire look including all the graphics. It’s like if I went out and painted the exact same thing as the Mona Lisa and said that I came up with the idea. It’s completely unacceptable. Also to the person saying they should share their theme or whatever, realize that they don’t have to. They created this theme and should be able to do whatever they want with it. I’m so sorry you two. I feel disappointed and I’m upset for you. It feels terrible to get your artwork/designs stolen and I really hope there is something you can do to get the thief into trouble.


  25. I know it sucks to have your design lifted, but you are providing a direct link to the download. If you look at the image you posted you can clearly see the link to *edited* – and that means you’ve just shown everyone where to download your design. So instead of complaining (which is justifiable) and obfuscating the URL to minimize the “damage”, you are actually making it worse.

    Curious George

  26. @Curious George: Thanks for letting us know :) We have obscured the link now.


  27. 很有创意,我正在琢磨呢。呵呵。借鉴一下!


  28. 呵呵,我也觉得你们的博客主题很好,我们知道Copyright!当然也希望Rin可以和我们早一些共享一下,毕竟国人都很喜欢这个主题嘛! :)


  29. :) I didnt see those links working now..
    So, that seems settled leh? :)
    Good place. I kinda fell in love with the whole site and idea..

    Durga Nandan


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