Dec 2008

A Kitty So Cute I Wanna Bring Him Home!

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Just some cute pictures to cheer up your day :)

We met this uber friendly kitty during our stay in the chalet over the past cytotec tablet few days. It was so adorable and playful, and not even afraid of us although this is the first time we met him. It probably helps because we keep feeding him food.

Without soft tabs cialis further ado… :P

Cutest look ever!!!1111 *Melts*

The last three pictures were all taken while the kitty was sleeping contentedly on my lap. I could almost hear him purring.

Feeding time…this cat loves tuna to pieces. We thought of giving him milk, but luckily Dorothy told us that cats are supposed to be lactose intolerant and milk would give him diarrhea. And I had always thought that cats love milk. I guess, like humans, they tend to like food which is bad for them.

And this is how fat he is.

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I would so love to bring him home! *Squeals*

I have a weak spot for all things furry, as I have mentioned before.

The past 3 days have been fun :D This is the third chalet I have attended with 13 Apostles. buy antibiotics Time really do fly by. I admit that during the first chalet I had felt a bit awkward (probably because I met such a large group of people for the first time) and I kept clinging on to dearest hubby since I did not know anyone from the group at that time. I am someone who needs time to warm up to people I have never met before, and as we meet up more and more often, I begin to feel a sense of belonging to the group :)

Cheers to friendship :)

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  1. Haha, they named that kitty Mee Sua XD <3 <3 <3 really too adorable!

    Anyways, it’s great to have you around. Haha~ And thank you once again for all the help! From booking the chalet to being our accountant for the chalet. Haha~

    To more great times ahead! :3


  2. So cute!!! Tho good thing you didn’t take him home. Ginger cats tend to be quite bitchy and fierce, esp the fat ones. I know, I have one real life example in my home and a few in my friends’ houses. =D


  3. I’m totally not a cat person but this one is cute…


  4. Aw, that cat is so adorable! I am very much a cat person, and I’d want to take him home, too.


  5. RAwr!!! Kitty Claw!! hehe so cute… reminds me of the a old Kitty Anime what’s michael that i have watch. SO cute :D


  6. Aww, how precious. I love kitties!


  7. Aw pretty kittay!

    I’m actually quite scared of them, but they are nice to look at :)


  8. The first picture of the cat made me think of a Buddha statue XD

    It usually takes me a while to warm up to new people, too, especially if someone I already know is in the group. Glad to hear you had fun!


  9. I LOVE CAT PICTURESSS!! *squee* I wish you would have taken him home so you could post more adorable pictures..! ;D


  10. Only kitten can drink milk but not adult cat :3


  11. I’m one cat lover too! I don’t get it why many people (including my parents, sigh) have a natural dislike for cats. Maybe they think that cats are arrogant and less loyal than dogs, but I find that cats have their lovely side too! I informally adopted a couple of stray cats in my neighbourhood and I only get to see them when I return home from Singapore. They’re really nice animals to play around with (only if you’re close to them), and one good thing is that they know how to clean up themselves :P

    Looks like the cat has added a lot of fun to your chalet stay!



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