Dec 2008

Celebrating Birthday

Posted by: Wendy
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Finally, Christmas is over. And I have been down with sore throat and cough since Christmas Eve :( I am afraid I am going to get a second bout of bad flu again, which will cause me to lose my voice again just like last time.

It is now just 3 days away from my birthday! There were times when I was younger when I hated having my birthday in December, buying generic propecia and on the 29th, to boot. Because of this, I have always been the youngest in class and almost no one remembered it because it is in between Christmas and New Year. To make things worse, my birthday usually falls during the school holidays most of the time.

I had wanted to have a birthday during the schooling period so that I could have my classmates celebrate it for me in class. I had always imagined having a surprise birthday party thrown just for me, but of course I had never had one so far.

I have stopped being depressed about this of course (I used to)…because as we grow cytotec and abortion older, birthday starts to become less and less significant until it becomes buy kamagra kamagra cheap amoxil nothing more but just another day cialis order online like any other during the year. I will most probably be going for a nice dinner with my hubby but other than that, no other plan seems to be in store.

Well, at least I have my birthday present to look forward to :D

Do you still celebrate your birthday or do you just treat it as any normal Cheap Levitra Super Active+ day in your life?



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  1. I hope you get well soon.
    Your birthday is a day after my little brother (Dec.28).
    I hope you have fun on your birthday though.
    Me, I Treat it like any other day, Because I never get anything for my birthday ever.


  2. I know what you mean about the birthday thing. Mine is on Christmas Day so I NEVER got to celebrate it in school. It’s hard to treat it like anything other day because since it’s on Christmas alot of things are going on. Anyway I hope you get well soon.


  3. Happy Early Birthday!

    My Birthday has become… meh. It’s not as fun as it used to be. It’s on July 8, so I could never celebrate it at school because we would be on summer break, and that frustrated me to no end!


  4. Well then, happy birthday in advance! I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Hub’s birthday is on the 21st and he’s always annoyed that people will lump his birthday and Christmas into one. My mom’s is on the 31st of Dec. =D I’ll bake myself a great cake or cupcake for my birthday and share it with friends. Other than that, I sort of let the day drift off.


  5. I had flu two weeks ago and it lasted a week. It was awful. :( Hope you get better soon!


  6. Hope you get well soon~!

    Wah, your birthday.. 3 days later -> 29th November? (Pardon me if my calculation is wrong :P ) meh, happy early birthday (I might not be able to online hahas)

    Birthday.. I remembered that when I was 12 years old, I wanted to throw a birthday party and I had invited my friends. When I got home and told my parents about it, they said “No”, but they said “Yes” before. I was very disappointed and I locked myself in my own room. A lot of friends phoned me asking me where and when the party will be thrown, I had to reply “sorry, it’s off”. Everytime I answer a phone call, my heart was stabbed.. *sigh* that’s the worst birthday~

    Anyway, the happiest birthday was my 13th’s birthday! I celebrated it with my friends ^^ Now.. we only buy a cake and eat it.

    Hope you will enjoy yours too~ *stab rin to buy you that gift ;) *


  7. I woke up with a sore throat this morning and I’m raging about it. Hope we both feel better soon!


  8. Hope you get well soon! I’m just starting to get a slight cold. :(


  9. I don’t really celebrate my birthday. Sometimes people give me presents anyway, though!

    My birthday is in Dec, too (the 15th), but I liked being the youngest in class! Between Christmas and New Years is a tough time, though :P


  10. Belated happy birthday!

    as we grow older, birthday starts to become less and less significant until it becomes nothing more but just another day like any other during the year.

    -so true.

    Nice blog design. =)



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