Oct 2008

Sick at an unfortunate time =(

Posted by: Wendy
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Has been discount kamagra sick for the past few weeks. First sandfly bites that cause my legs to swell and itch, then immediately after that I am plagued with a flu which wouldn’t recover Generic Levitra Professional Online Pharmacy until today. In fact, it got worse today that I was forced to not go to my classes but head to the clinic instead.

After one hour of waiting, I was declared as a bad case of flu and were prescribed lots of medicines which somehow look similar..I amoxil generic sorta became confused which one I have taken and which one I have not.

My pocket is now aching from the frequent trips to the doctor this month. I calculated just now and roughly I have spent around $130 for all the consultations!That means I have $130 lesser to spend on my other stuff i.e. clothes, bags or food :(

I am praying hard that I will be cured by this Wednesday…or at the very least, I will have my normal voice back as I am having an oral presentation which will cialis soft tabs count towards 35% of my grade in purchasing cytotec my Communications class. It is buy propecia fda approved so unfair. If I remain the state I am in now, I am going to get like D for my vocal projection while in my normal, healthy voice, I would have gotten an A or B for sure. Sigh.



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