Jan 2009

EOY 2008 : Reflection and Resolution

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Happy New Year to everyone. Year 2008 came and went; it is time again to reflect on what I have done for the past year. It is also the time to set and plan new goals for Year 2009.


Highlights of 2008

One of the major turning points in my life is my decision to go into full-time freelancing from a 9-6 day job. Freelancing has many pros and cons, and so far I am still trying my best to learn how to survive and sustain as a freelancer.

Another on the highlights list is getting married to my lovely and naughty wife Wendy, another milestone reached in my life.

Last but not least is the creation and maintainence of this blog. This is the most successful blog I have created so far (for all the non-commerical projects I have done). This has taught me how to write more and ‘lurk’ less, probably due to the fact that propecia buy this is a dual blog and it feels weird when one end has a ton more posts than the other.



In my work-life up till now, both in office cheap amoxil online as a designer/developer and as a freelancer, I find that I work best as a freelancer at home. The events of year 2008 has really made me experience a lot of different methods of work, from a full-time day job worker freelancing as a sideline, to on-site freelancing and finally full-time freelancing at home. This has changed my mindset somehow. Previously as a day job worker I need not worry about getting Generic Levitra Online Pharmacy | Buy Levitra | Cheap Levitra | Order Generic Levitra Online without Prescription jobs and gigs, just work what I am tasked to and receive a cheque sometime buy generic cialis generic cialis every month. Now, I need to look for jobs actively, either via marketing means or referrals in order to get paychecks.

Some of my goals did not get fulfilled kamagra buy in year 2008, and it is mainly due to my laziness. Things like training myself up physically and slim down. This is something which I need work cytotec 100 mg in for the new year.


Resolutions for 2009?

My primary goals are:

  • To able to earn enough to finance a house in 2nd – 3rd quarter of 2009.
  • Stablise myself as a freelance front-end developer

Secondary goals:

  • Slim down! (This has been my ‘resolution’ for a few years running…. I suckz.)
  • Increase my knowledge in back-end development as to add more into my skillsets.

Hmm, my material goals probably will not get listed here as; they are listed in a post days ago and they will eventually be acquired when my primary goals are attained.



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  1. Happy New Year!


  2. Happy New Year Rin! May 2009 be the year where all your goals and dreams are fulfilled ;)


  3. I hope that this year you’ll be able to break the mold and do something about your first secondary goal. Good luck with everything else, too! And happy new year :)


  4. 2008 had gave my life a great impact. ahhahaha :) )

    btw, nice site! i love it ^__^

    happy new year Rin! :) ) I’ll just hope this year would be much much better thank the previous one ^.^

    kat-pinksesa :’)

  5. Happy New Year to you! Hope you will reach your goals this year. I did think about free lancing but I guess I lack the courage and determination yet. still preferring the safer pastures for now.. :)

    ps: nice site u have



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