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Wendy: 2008 Reflections & 2009 Resolutions

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2008 has been a fruitful and eventful year for me. Below are some of the highlights of last year.


I started the new year with a new job in a new country, Singapore. I had previously been working in Malaysia and could only meet up with Rin during weekends when both of us were not working. I had been trying to apply for this job for quite a while but due to some complications, I could only get in in 2008. This has been a great blessing to both of us as it means it will no longer be a long-distance relationship, something that both of us has strived for the past 2 years. In short, this is a dream come true :D


After being together for 2 years and 3 months, we finally tied the knots on 27 June, 2008. It was a meaningful day for both of us and although we only had a few guest attending, it was a memorable event. Thank you to all who have helped out during the event :)


After around 6 months of contract teaching, I was selected to go for my formal training in online propecia NIE. Upon graduation next year, I would become a full-fledged teacher with a post graduate in Education. I have truly enjoyed all the modules I have been taking so far and definitely more than the courses I had taken as an undergraduate in Computer Science. Some people have been surprised on why I did not go on to become a programmer but I have never regretted my decision to go into the education line instead.


Rin told me one day that he has an idea on how to make a site where both of us can write our thoughts and opinions in. We had wanted to do this for quite a while but couldn’t find a way to implement this idea in a suitable way until October last year. He spent about 2 weeks coding and designing the whole site before it was officially launched on 20 October 2008 :)


All amoxicillin without prescription I could remember about this month was how fast the money seems to have flowed out! It is probably because it was a festive season, what with Christmas, my birthday and New Year Eve coming all in a row. But there were fun times cheap generic cialis during Chalet and Christmas party with the Apostles :)

So those are the highlights of 2008…now these are the things I better start looking into this year:

  1. To work harder on my studies and do better in my upcoming modules and practicum
  2. To be a teacher who not only teaches, but inspires
  3. To cytotec fda be able to control my temper better. Ask hubby who has been a victim of my bad temper for a few times this year *ashamed* :(
  4. To have my own house that comes with my own kitchen so I can cook and bake as much as I want, anytime I feel like I want to :P
  5. To book a place for our upcoming banquet :)
  6. To read more. I think I have managed to read quite a lot in 2008 and have managed to find various authors who are now part of my favorite list such as Emily Giffin, Philippa Gregory, Sophie Kinsella, Jane Green, Mike Gayle, Cecelia Ahern and Emily Barr). If you have any favorite authors or books that you think I would be interested Buy Generic Levitra Professional Online without Prescription in, feel free to suggest them here :)
  7. To exercise, lead a healthy life and lose weight so that I can actually fit into wedding gowns of my choice in 2010. I have exactly a year from now!
  8. Continue to keep in touch with my friends no matter how busy I am. I feel bad that most of them actually remember my birthday and send me e-cards and birthday greetings via Facebook/Plurk/etc but I forgot to do so on theirs :( I am really bad with dates, but I promise I will try to change.
  9. To write better blog entries that are true to myself and at the same time, entertaining and interesting to my readers :)
  10. To actually buy kamagra try my best to fulfill all of the 9 resolutions I have written above!



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  1. lol ^^ I see, this year has been very interesting and meaningful for you. I hope 2009 will be a better year for you~ ^^


  2. I suggest reading books by Jodi Picoult :)


  3. hi wendy..happy new year to you.
    may 2009 bring u happiness :)

    btw..please check latest post at blog.bloggerunited.com, u will need to interview Curryegg for winning the Popular Blog award.

    you may contact here through the website, interview medium is up to u, either email or IM.

    http://bloggerunited.com/interview.php?interview=3 here is the last interview for ur reference. but u can ask anything though. :)



  4. Happy New Year Wendy! All the best in 2009 :D

    I’ve also a lot of bad temper issues. Well, they don’t call me “Chia Cha Bo” or “Ok Kai Ma” for nothing XD

    Let’s lose weight together! XD Losing weight is also part of my resolution (it has always been on the list since 2005) teehee.


  5. I can relate to so many of those resolutions. Particularly #3, 6, 8, and 9.

    I definitely believe you can complete all your resolutions :) Happy new year!


  6. weeeeee.. love this site :) ) so kawaii! :) )

    reminiscing the past is fun, ayt? :)

    anyways, Happy New Year to you! Hope this would be a much better year for you all of us :) )

    kat-pinksesa :’)

  7. Happy New Year!

    Wow, you definitely had an eventful 2008!

    Haha, I’m also trying to learn how to control my anger. :P Ooh, I’m also trying to lead a healthier lifestyle as well, but this year I really mean it! :P

    Good luck with your resolutions. :)


  8. Great reflections and resolutions you have! And I had no idea this site was started SO recently. For some reasons, it feels like you’ve had this site for a while. :)


  9. @Sarai: Ooh I forgot to add her in..she’s definitely one of my fave authors as well! I have read almost all of her works except her latest book.



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