Nov 2008

Gamers have a life too

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Ok, I admit. I am a born gamer. I started gaming at the age of 3 when propecia buy my father bought me my first console system, the Atari. It was quickly followed by a Sega MegaDrive, Sega Game Gear, Super NES, Gameboy, Playstation 1, NeoGeo Pocket, NeoGeo Pocket Color, Playstation 2 and recently Playstation 3. I love PC games too, with games like Romance of the Three Kingdoms to World of Warcraft.

Not many people knows exactly what makes games appeal to people like us. To most the non-gamers, playing games is a terrible Order Generic Levitra Online without Prescription purchase generic cialis addiction that needs to be eradicated from the surface of the earth. I really wonder how bored life will be without games(lolx). So I shall educate the non-gamers on what is exactly going through a gamer’s mind and why he/she plays games.

Humans crave for competition and achievements.

Like it or not, us humans are competitive. Without competition we will cheap amoxil online never be at the technology and civilised stage now. Games are made to be competitive too. Take a look at the world cyber games event held annually. The world has recognised gaming as a mind sport. Should we change our mindsets too to accept gaming and not view them with prejudice?

Not everyone can have great achievements in their real lives. The achievements of “being the strongest”, “the most famous”, “the richest” in real life is nothing kamagra buy but a dream to, I dare say, 99.99999% of the humans on Earth. Playing games helps satisfy that craving, what we called “instant gratification”. Though it is not as great being as famous as Bill Gates or some other movie star, these achievers do become well-known in their niche. Those who played Street Fighter competitively will definitely know a player known as ‘Daigo’. It is this which makes gamers spend time to hone their skills, something which they know they can achieve without aiming for the sky. This is something which we can proudly say, “Yeah cytotec 100 mg we achieve something in life.”

Live a second life.

Ever read a story book and end up with this thinking… “Whoa how would I love to be able to experience such a drama/love/war/ *insert some other thing* lifestyle similar to this fabulous story.”

Well, sad to say.. We can’t live that life in real life. There is no time-machine where we could go back to the medieval ages. There is no guarantee that we will live to tell the story participating in a real actual war. The only way to get to experience these is to engage in gaming. In short, living an alternate life which we often dream about having.

Gamers do have a life too. It is just how we balance out our real life and our in-game life. If we can really balance both without severely affecting our real life, why not? :3



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  1. you can always take up tabletop wargaming, ahhaa. At least there’s face-to-face interaction…But it’s loads more ex then WoW ;3


  2. Games can become an addiction because they are an escape from “real life”. Yes, balance is important in all things.



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