Nov 2008

Gamers Potentially Have No Life

Posted by: Wendy
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First of all, I am definitely not a gamer myself. So this is purely my opinion based on my own experience and also based on what I have heard from others who are acquainted with a no-life gaming addict in some way or another.

The amount of games I have played can be counted with one hand. I can only remember being extremely addicted to MapleStory around 3 or 4 years back but then again I was addicted not really because of the game itself, buy generic cialis generic cialis it is more of the interaction I have with the community there. So most of the time, instead of leveling, I am organizing events and chatting with the friends I have made over there. I left about a few months later because it was taking too much time and the damage was starting to show in terms of my academic performance.

So from then on, I have not played any game seriously except for Sims 2 every now and then. I admit I can’t buy kamagra understand how people can get so addicted to a game that it caused them to neglect everyone around them, to the extent of calling in absent at work just so that amoxicillin without prescription they can raid in WoW. I couldn’t understand how guys turn violent when their girlfriends/wives ask them to take some time off their game to talk or just have dinner with them. It has gotten to such a ridiculous point that one of my girlfriends told me that her boyfriend refused to spend more than 30 minutes with her each weekday just because he wants to play WoW with his guildmates.

Should you allow such a guy to still be in your life, if it were you? I say, just kick him to the moon and let him remain there. I wouldn’t pity them if they remain single for the rest of their life.

Seriously if you love the game so much that you would rather face it all day instead of your significant other, just get married to it and release your poor SO from this suffering.

They used to warn us girls about the four vices that a man might have: womanizing, drinking, smoking Generic Levitra Online Pharmacy and gambling. But I say in this modern day, gaming should be entered into list of top addiction as well. And the problem is, everyone around them can see that they are extremely addicted but the gamers themselves cytotec fda are in denial about their own online propecia problem. If you can get an addict to even admit that he is addicted, I would say that half of your battle is already won.

Problem is, the gamers themselves do not see their gaming as an addiction. They call it a hobby, and you are supposed to spend time and money on your hobby. But if you have been playing for like 10 consecutive hours without even a break to shower or eat properly and has not had a proper conversation (those you have with your online mates do not count) with the people around you, do you not call that an addiction?

Most people would retort that they will never ever get themselves into this situation, claim that they are capable of playing in moderation but I have seen too many succumb to the evil of the gaming addiction despite their initial promise to be moderate when they are gaming. So when dearest hubby mentioned his wish to return to the game, I have been protesting ever since then. Of course, he couldn’t understand why I am so reserved when it comes to this particular game. If you do not understand as well, you just have to take a look at WoW_Widow, WowDetox and this thread to get an idea on why.

If you are gaming because you want to excel in something, consider switching to this game called Real Life. It has enough to keep you occupied.



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  1. I admit it. I’m addicted to games. Two years ago, I spent my entire fall break playing TheSims2 because all my friends had gone home that week and I was stuck in a cold city alone. But I do have a life now and I’m thankful.


  2. I got addicted to games (Runescape) in that few months of my life when I had to stay at home — I still computer games but in my experience, it’s the MMORPGs that are so addicting because you can get tired of a game but you can’t get tired of friends…

    I could never understand how some people would merge their real life with gaming though (such as when they use real money to buy someone else’s item in-game). But I suppose a few more months and I’d have turned that way too.


  3. I think i have something to say about this…from a gamer’s point of view

    Regarding the WoW part of the article, it could be quite sad but i do know of people who actually dropped out of school to play WoW as well, really sad thing. Don’t know what the person is doing now too :P

    But i definately agree kicking the guy to the moon if he just wants to game and not spend any time with their GF. If you don’t have time to commit to relationship, why even start? (Explains alot why im still single LOL) Luckily Rin was one of the guy who can WoW and maintain a healthy relationship i know :D

    As for me, i dont think i would be able to live without gaming. However i think i toned down a lot ever since i stopped raiding in WoW (Every night was just raid raid sian of it). After that i found so much free time …ever since i think i got half my life back :P


  4. I admit, I do play WoW and other games and I can get very into it sometimes. But at the same time I know it’s only a game and have no problem walking away from it to interact with ‘real’ people :) I think some people get way too into it too, and from experience it’s mostly guys :P It really isn’t difficult to play a game like WoW (or any console game either) and do other things.


  5. This is such a biased article. I am a gamer and I only play maybe 5 hours max a day. Was in the top 100 in MLG for Halo 3 and soon about to get married. I work for and I get around 80,000 dollars a year give or take taxes. Hell people waste their time and money doing real life shit like drinking and smoking why can’t mine playing games? People especially preps are so biased that everything has to be like the ideological pop dream (parties, drinking, and sex). Hell, we gamers should be able to sue people like you for discrimination.


  6. I believe that age at which you start playing your fist game (MMOG that is) counts heavily towards addiction. Personally, I’ve played several MMO’s. One of which had a player base with an average age of 32 – eve online. I still play this game, and from my own experience, I don’t see these people having real life issues. Probably, because these players where introduced to real life responsibilities before that particular game.



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