Nov 2008

I Am Not a Last Minute Person

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Just to make it clear first, I am not totally against procrastination. I am not as purrfect as that :P

However, I do take pride in knowing that I will try not to leave things until the very last minute before I take care of them. I am someone who likes to plan ahead and I usually have my appointments for the following week lined up before the weekend.

I know this habit of mine can irritate some of my friends at times, who will tell me continuously to be more easy-going and stop trying to confirm the date/time of our meet-up more than 24 hours before the event itself. But to tell online generic cialis the truth, it annoys the hell out of me when I meet up with people who just can’t seem to decide on whether they would like to meet or not until a few hours before. Then they will just suddenly call and expect me to drop everything that I have planned earlier because they would like to meet up today after all.

So a word of warning…last minute meet-ups usually do not go well with me :P

Same goes with task that has been assigned out. I prefer to get everything done as soon as possible so that I wouldn’t have it hanging over my head like a heavy cloud..but again, that does not apply all the time. There are times when I am so lazy (hint: this occurs more frequently when it is close to holiday period) that I will just throw all the tasks out of my mind and not think about it until the very last minute. But more often than not, you will find out that I am one of those neurotic early birds who will go around harassing my group members to do their work (especially when I am the leader of the group) and finish up their assigned job as soon as possible.

I have ruffled quite a lot of feathers because of this, I guess.

Situation has reversed itself in this modern world: procrastination is being increasingly seen as cool, while the opposite is seen as not. I was often told to relax and Order Generic Levitra Online without Prescription take things as it goes, and have even been encouraged to not be on task just because everyone else does not seem to be doing so.

However, I strongly felt that there is always a need for a planner in a group. If everyone is easy-going and does not take the inititiative to plan ahead for the group, frustration can occur later on. It is definitely not wonderful purchase cytotec to be the one who has to herd everyone into doing work, but as the saying goes, “Someone has got to do the dirty job.”

This entry is kinda different from the other tug-o-war posts before because I am not really opposing procrastination. I am just talking about it in terms of my personality which would not allow me to procrastinate at times and would just rush me into completing the tasks as soon as possible order generic amoxil so that I can take my time to relax later on. Yea, I blame it on my personality proscar because much as I want to procrastinate and forget about the task at hand, the voice in my head would be relentless in reminding kamagra 100mg jelly me.

How many of you can actually identify with me?



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  1. I hate when people call me about a day before they want to hang out. I’m like “no, this is too short notice.” I need one-week notice at least, and don’t change anything–I get unnerved at change.

    Nat Marie

  2. I work better under pressure, but I don’t think it’s “cool” to procrastinate or anything. I don’t see it as a positive trait xD


  3. Yeah, I hate people who tell me to go out at the last minute, it’s so annoying! grrr. But, we (my friends and I) always planned before we go out hah. -_-


  4. Just nitpicking here…I’m not entirely sure last minute plans belong under the category of procrastination. The P-word involves knowing that you have to do something, but you choose not to do it until the last moment, whereas with the last minute plans thing, you don’t really know what you want to do so you can’t choose to put it off.

    In any case, with regards to long-term plans, I agree with you completely that you should get your preparations done as early as possible, since you never know what other complications can come up.

    That said, I try not to make long term plans, ( especially if it involves factors that I can’t control ) since by the time your ‘deadline’ approaches, the factors regarding the plan have changed and you have to waste more time to re-plan.


  5. I’m a last minute person, sadly. I try not to be but procrastination gets the best of me every time.

    Like right now I have a logo design and advertising project that’s due tomorrow, and I haven’t a lick of it done yet. Good thing I work best under pressure.


  6. furrybait: I do know of people who keep pushing back making a decision about the meeting time until a few hours before the event itself before calling and expecting people to promptly turn up. So those are the last minute plans I am talking about…but of course there are those who come up with last minute plans on a whim as well.


  7. Actually I’m quite a procrastinator and yes, sometimes I feel bad for slacking. But I don’t slack for cool… and I actively reject the notion that slacking means cool but so many young people nowadays (I sound so old) embraces this idea. I never liked cool people who act as if they don’t care what you do and don’t respond to you at all when you speak to them – I call that being weird and anti-social haha. That’s just me, anyway.

    You remind me of my mom. We have contrasting characters when it comes to efficiency and work. Being a teacher for more than two decades, she is indeed a very driven and dedicated teacher and for the same reason, she wouldn’t stop nagging at me for being lazy :P haha! Sometimes we get into arguments because I disagree that everything about life is efficiency, but deep down I understand that to a certain extent, procrastination can kill.

    Sometimes I do last minute stuff but I never delay the deadline. I just push myself to the limit because I’m aware that it’s my fault for slacking and not planning ahead, and I get ticked off by people who slack and then push the blame on others. I guess that kind of people are the ones that should be corrected heh!


  8. Hi! Sometimes lastminute actions plans cannot be avoided (in my live anyway…). A good help is to set priorities.
    I ask myself what is most important and try to accept things that cannot be executed or have to wait. It seems that time is something you need more but get less when you grow older.

    lastminute reizen


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