Nov 2008

Procrastinators Unite!

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Procrastinators Unite!

I will post it up tomorrow. Haha~

:edit 30th Nov: This post is supposed to be written yesterday. Anyway, I put up a small disclaimer first before I get branded of being not punctual in my work with my existing or potential clients who happened to chance upon this post.

Although sometimes I procrastinate in certain areas, I treat my job very seriously. Please do not take this post as a point for doubting my work ethics. I do submit my work on time and will deliver as promised.

Ok, let us get back to the point.


What is procrastinate?

Procrastination is a type of behavior which is characterized by deferment of actions or tasks to a later time. (source taken from wikipedia)

I am not trying to sell that procrastination is good for us. It is in fact not a very good way to handle and do stuff. Many people do procrastinate, just that they do not know it themselves or fail to admit it. For me I do procrastinate, but I do make sure that the task is completed in the end by the deadline given to it.


Why procrastination is good?

It helps defer the stress and anxiety that comes along with the task/job/action. Although the task/job/action is still needed to be done in the end cytotec cheap before the given time is up, the time taken by procrastination has given some happy moments to make it worthwhile. :3

It helps me complete my tasks generic propecia online with minimal distraction by taking out the time used to do extra stuff. So that I can complete the task or job without wasting time on unneccessary functionalities.
It like the story of about a boy drawing a snake. Cheap Levitra A teacher asked the boy to draw a snake. The boy drew the snake in a short amount of time as opposed to what is given. Since he has extra time on hand, the boy decided that he should draw legs to the snake to ‘beautify’ it. In the end, he did not even accomplish the task of drawing a snake (as it is not at snake anymore with legs added).

What does this tell us? It shows that we either need to, shave off the extra time so that we will not think of doing unneccessary stuffs, or kamagra pharmacy plan first so that we will stick to it without any changes. I chose the former as with my perfectionist personality, cialis buy 250 mg amoxil online online generic it is highly doubtful that I will stick to the original plan without adding things to improve it.

A good example will be on one of my recent projects, I was tasked to do up a flash loading script for images. I was thinking of adding extra stuff to a simple loading script, like what to do if the server has a disconnection, or how many times should a file load be attempted before switching to alternate file etc. This is giving me lots of added stress until I realised that I am short of time. With that in mind I finished the script in less than 5mins, giving me ample time to worry about other parts of the project.

In short, I am a procrastinator in most stuffs. I like to laze around, dream about things. It helps lower the pressure and stress in our daily lives. Why take everything so seriously and complete them as soon as possible when the deadline is far away? As long as we complete it within the given time frame, I do not see it as something which is that much of a hinderance. Unless we are talking to elitist that strives on perfection and 0 wastage of time, which I do not see how can they live a life without enjoying it.



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  1. I’m not sure that procrastination is exactly healthy – I’d say that’s a bit of a stretch. There are times when it ISN’T good to procrastinate, and I speak from experience.

    That said, I do tend to put things off/not do my homework. :P


  2. When I’m procrastinating on something big, I always have a bad feeling nagging me at the back of my mind. And even though I do manage to finish things on time, it would be much more simple to just do the work first and play later in the extra time!


  3. @Clem

    That is very true. I do not procrastinate (or try my very best not to) on my work, which is very important as my work centers on meeting deadlines.

    As for others, hmm I always putting it off a little here and there, hope Wendy doesn’t kill me on that lolx.

    Yeah, I also like the fact that I can play at ease without the feeling of uncompleted work. It is when I finish one job and another is given to me right away till I find that work is neverending…. that I started to develop this not so good habit.


  4. I’ll side with Rin on this one for ‘personal’ reasons.

    (mainly because I’m a non-hypocrite-procrastinator)


  5. @mary: Does that make me, hypocrite procrastinator? :P


  6. Actually truthfully speaking, I’m pretty much a slacker too. I understand the danger of doing things last minute and I am aware that sometimes I’ll need to push myself to the limit to get things done if I start off too late… but the urge to just laze around and do let my thoughts wonder off. Just like for my recent final exams, I actually planned to start revising a month before the first paper start and in the end I started only a week before :P that’s just me, I guess.

    But when I do things that I like, I’m so driven and I can ignore even my very basic needs – like how I managed to screw up my biological clock because I was designing a new WP theme for myself. I feel bad that I pay less attention and invest less effort in things that I do not have much interest in, such as mundane meetings and project discussions (heheh), but I’m working on it. I guess it’s just human nature to lean towards things that they like.

    Nice post here – it got me thinking (with a bit of self evaluation and confession!). Thanks for sharing!


  7. I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I am putting off writing so much that everything else gets done in my house like laundry, cooking and suddenly my toilet is cleaned. All because I was trying to put off what I needed to do. The best is when you can be honest, put yourself out there with your readers and letting us know your pain. I love you blog!



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