Nov 2008

Physical first impression counts for Men

Posted by: Rin
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Hear me before you shout the word “Shallow” and reach for the close button. This post takes on a neutral stance, I hope, with as little bias as possible. IN THE DEFENCE FOR THE GUYS.

As to girls who keep complaining why men look at sexy women more. Do hear, or rather see what I have to say before putting your own conclusion on the matter.


A buy cytotec guy’s Anatomy

Let us look at the mentality of a guy. Guys are visual creatures. You probably hear this phrase from a lot of books, magazines, publications out in the market.

Guys have a natural affinity towards shapes and curves.

A woman’s body is considered to have the best natural curves in the world. Everyone is intrigued by it, not just guys alone. antibiotics Even through man’s creations we can see these wonderous curves being emulated all over. super cialis Cars for instance, is one top candidate. Other gadgets like cellphones, iMacs also featured a sleek and curvy look. Just to make heads turn.


Media and Social Influences

In this age, with the media forever posting great photoshots and movies of women they coined as “Beautiful and Sexy”. It isn’t strange that everyone else picked up the ‘standards’ the media set. The current ‘standard for a beautiful and sexy’ woman now stands with the following attributes :


  • Slim
  • Long slender legs
  • Defined jaw line
  • Assets that perfectly matches the torso without the too big/small feeling
  • Good facial features

These are the standards set by the media. We cannot guarantee that in 50 years time the ‘standards’ will be the same as now. Look at some of the african tribes. In their society their standards for beautiful are the more plump the woman is, the more beautiful and sexy she is.
We all grew up under the impression that beautiful and sexy has a certain standard and this standard is actually determined by the media and social influences around us.


We will take the above 2 points into mind and dive down into some of the reasons why a woman’s physical Generic buy propecia for less Levitra Professional Online Pharmacy appearance matters to a guy. Imagine that a guy is in a networking function. A girl who has the looks and style captures his attention as compared to another girl who doesn’t share the same amount of glamour. The guy approaches the 1st girl first. Do we term that guy as shallow?

No, because as humans we always go for the better stuff first, that is human nature. The term ‘better’, again, receives its influences from the media. We cannot change that.

It is only after the 1st impression, the guy will then get to know the underlying character and personality of the girl. It is only till then that physical appearance aspect will have a lot lesser weightage and the rest of the charactistics of the girl will take over. kamagra gels
The above is true unless the girl has already gave her first impression in which her personality is showed instead of her looks.

Looks do hold a factor in the decision of whether a guy will approach a girl.



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  1. Rin, I can see it from your point of view. Women don’t like to admit it, but looks also plays a part in whether or not a woman will accept a man’s advances. You didn’t hear that from me. ;)

    Anna Kirstin

  2. I think that both men and women take appearance as an asset, it’s just that men are chastised more for doing so because of society? I mean, you’ll more often hear the term trophy wife instead of trophy husband (which I’ve never heard of), right?

    Now off I go read the other companion entry :P


  3. One of Jane Austen’s characters said something like:

    “The liberty of choosing lays with the male sex while women only have the power of refusal.”

    Which does make sense. Even decades after her novel was written, it’s a bit of a taboo for women to approach men (they’ll come off as easy-to-get or liberated or flirtatious or something a bit negative).

    But back to the topic, I think that since ‘personality’ cannot be observed by the eyes, men DO make a beeline for the prettier women. BUT if he is smart enough, he will judge for himself if there’s a brain in there somewhere or just a puberty-hormone-generating lump of flesh. As for the guys who aren’t smart enough to realize that, who cares about them? (except the woman-who-isn’t-smart-enough-to-spot-a-’bimbo’-guy)


  4. That is really not fair.. And yes, gals do think of how the guy looks but that is secondary! :(
    Humph!! :-|

    Durga Nandan

  5. I think it is true that LOOKS really do hold a factor if a guy will approach a girl. I think that it would be number one on their list before picking up women. And then the woman’s personality will be next. Not really if the girl already gave her first impression in which her personality is showed first instead of her looks.


  6. Well girls do the same. If A guy is gorgeous then we can say :o h he is hot”. Physical attraction comes first. Thats natural.



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