Dec 2008

Wendy: 2009 Wishlist

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The year is almost ending so I thought it would be appropriate for us to talk about our wish list for next year. This is sort of my Christmas wish list as well but some of the things I want are either too expensive or too impossible to get when there are only a few weeks left.

So here’s the buy 5 mg propecia online list of the things I will be striving to get next year, in no particular order:

  1. iPhone (those who do not wish for this, hands-up please!)
  2. A dress that can be worn a million different ways
  3. Burberry Brit Sheer (I have only used Burberry perfume since..I started using perfume :P   )
  4. Burberry kamagra review Blue Label Reversible Bags (yes, I am a big Burberry fan. Though I am not rich enough to be able to afford the bags yet. Sobz)
  5. Agnes B Voyage bag (especially the one in pink)
  6. Chick lit books (especially those from Jane Green, Lisa Jewell, Mike Gayle and Cara Lockwood)
  7. Every single one of the SingStar expansion packs. Yes, I am crazy about this game right now. You can’t blame me, it is THAT addictive.
  8. A fat, ginger cat and a fat, gray-striped generic amoxil cat. Preferably of the cytotec buy online breed.
  9. Kohjinsha Mini Tablet Laptop.
  10. DVDs cialis soft tab for Iron Man and Transformers. Two greatest movies I have watched over the recent years.
  11. I wanna watch Confessions of a Shopaholic and He’s Just Not That Into You.
  12. A house for me and hubby to nest move in.
  13. Enough money to renovate the house the way we want it to be.
  14. Vacation. Preferably to somewhere exotic. I won’t mind Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Korea or Bali. Mmm.
  15. Candlelight dinner.
  16. Enough of material stuff-I also want this site to gain more readers who will hopefully find a bit of cheer and entertainment amidst our random rants about our mundane days.
  17. I wish to get to know more people and friends who can identify with my thoughts but at the same time dare to disagree with me on the more controversial topics.
  18. I Buy Generic Levitra Professional Online without Prescription wish for the perseverance and determination to persist on even when the going gets tough during my teaching practicum which will be starting next year. I have heard it can be a nightmare.
  19. I wish for the ability to be able to listen to my future students and talk to them as a friend, yet be firm with them when they cross the boundary.
  20. I wish for hubby’s career to take off because I believe he has the talent and deserves the recognition.

That’s all I can think of as of now. I will update when there is more lol.



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  1. What a great wishlist! That dress is so cute.. I bought one of those 7-way dresses from American Apparel but I lost the sheet and couldn’t figure out how to wear it. LOL.


  2. Oooh, I’m not a cat lover but they’re pretty cute for the 5 minutes that you play with them. Hope you’ll find the one who can be your companion!
    I’m a burberry fan as well!! But I got one purse already, and I think that’s good enough for me!


  3. I don’t particularly want an iPhone, but I wouldn’t say no to one!

    I love love love #2 — that is an amazing dress!

    I like how your list shifted away from material things in the end. Hopefully you can get what you wish for! :)


  4. @Katy: I think they uploaded the sheets somewhere on the Net so you can try searching for it.

    @Destiny & Kaylee: Thanks! :D


  5. WAH I also want to go make a wishlist… wish wish wish..


  6. OMG @ #2. I want.


  7. Wow @ that million ways dress, I’m sure my sister will be interested about it D:

    *both hands up* I don’t wish for an iPhone :P


  8. Pink is my fav too. :)

    Durga Nandan


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